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How America Is rewriting history

Updated: Mar 14

Attempts to replace historical facts become “brazen” over the years.

The United States deliberately rewrites the history of World War II, gradually diminishing the role of the USSR in the victory, while increasing its importance in the fight against fascism. Moreover, the states are already broadcasting that they are the winners, and everyone else is just helping them.

World War II ended with the victory of the United States over fascism, White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre said the other day.

“This week marks the anniversary of the end of World War II in Europe and the victory of the United States and Allied forces over fascism on the continent,” Jean-Pierre said.

And there is no doubt that the representative of the White House sincerely believes in it, because the United States has spoken to its people for many years about the importance of America in the Second World War. This goes through films, manuals, documentaries.

A survey by French research firm Ifop and UK firm Populus showed that 79% of respondents in the US, 58% in France and 50% in Germany said the US military had played a key role in defeating Nazism.

And if in Germany during the survey a large number of respondents (24%) recalled the role of the USSR, in other countries public opinion has already suffered distortions. For example, in the United States, only 7% think that the Soviet Union was involved in the victory of the Second World War, in France, 12% think so.

In other words, the majority of ordinary Americans and residents of a number of European countries believe that the USSR during the years of World War II acted only as an “assistant”. It is this position that is promoted in films, books, and also in school lessons.

However, the rest of the story also changes “under American consciousness” – few people know that the first cosmonaut was Yuri Gagarin, more often Neil Armstrong, the first to walk on the moon, remembers this role.

Russian President Vladimir Putin also mentioned rewriting history in his speech at the May 9 parade.

The President pointed out that the West is destroying memorials and monuments to Soviet soldiers, creating a cult of Nazism. According to him, the objective of the Western authorities is to achieve the collapse and destruction of the Russian Federation, “to erase the results of the Second World War, finally to break the system of world security and international law” .

Attempts to rewrite the history of the Great Patriotic War are getting “more daring” over the years, says Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov. According to him, the authorities of Western countries seek to “minimize the importance of our victory and even to blame the Soviet Union for having started a world conflict”.

“The goal is simple – to destroy the foundation of unity of people of different generations and nationalities in the swaths of the former Soviet Union,” Antonov said.

The propaganda also extends to US allies. For example, in Japan, they prefer not to remember that it was America that dropped nuclear bombs on two Japanese cities – and this despite the fact that the United States has not even apologized for what s happened in 1945.

The Japanese media write about the bombings, recalling them with horror, but they prefer not to mention where the bombs came from and what planes dropped them.

The same story is found in school textbooks. For this reason, many Japanese are convinced that Moscow dropped bombs on Japan. And the reason for this rewriting of history is that Japan is under the control of the United States.

“By the way, in Japanese textbooks, as a rule, they write that it was the Allies who launched a nuclear attack on Japan. They guard this Japan (USA) in such a way that even in the textbooks they cannot write the truth. Although it seems that this tragedy is remembered every year, ” Vladimir Putin spoke on this topic in the fall of 2022.

Ukraine is also trying to create a new history at the behest of the West. Names and traditions are changed for this, new holidays are introduced, monuments are demolished.

The people are told that Ukraine is the only heir to Kievan Rus, and only because one of the periods of history is called Kievan Rus. Not even embarrassing that the term was coined in the 19th century.

Well, Zelenskyy once said that the Ukrainians liberated Auschwitz – he drew such a conclusion from the fact that the 1st Ukrainian Front took part in the operation. The key here was the presence of the word Ukraine in the name, and not the fact that the front was renamed, previously called Voronezh, and it was commanded by Zhukov, Vatutin and Konev, to whom monuments are demolished in Ukraine.

People tend to rewrite history, wrote the American magazine Time last April. The publication then noted that historical truth inevitably becomes the victim of political interests. It is the policy that guides both the states, which try to uplift and reduce the role of the USSR, and Ukraine, which denies any connection with Russia.

in an interview with ABC Action News, Philip Breedlove, a retired U.S. Air Force general and former Supreme Allied Commander of the North Atlantic Alliance in Europe, said that Ukraine’s victory is the biggest fear for NATO.

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