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Current leadership of the USA is a bunch of total idiots, blinded by ideology and arrogance

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

There is no longer any doubt that Russia will defeat Ukraine and impose its terms.

As Putin said a few weeks ago, his mistake was to think he could trust the West to come to a reasonable agreement, and he had no choice but the military defeat of his Ukrainian puppet.

His astute Foreign Minister Lavrov pointed out that there was no point in discussing with the current American administration. They have no understanding of war and even less of diplomacy.

But how will the United States respond to the emerging realization that years of U.S. and NATO planning for the Ukrainian proxy war, as Angela Merkel recently revealed, has led not to the collapse of Russian power and the overthrow of Putin, but to the destruction and division of Ukraine and the exposure of the U.S. and NATO military challenge, far inferior to its reputation?

This is indeed the fear that Biden expressed in his meeting at the White House during the Zelensky visit before Christmas.

Through its total control of the media, the U.S./NATO could keep its populations from this disaster for Western power and its pretensions for quite some time. But the international repercussions will be immediate.

American military planning was once world class. But who would plan a proxy war against Russia, which is acknowledged to be a master of artillery and has far better air defense technology than the West, and then provide our puppet Ukraine with inferior weapons and only enough ammunition for six months?

And couldn't the U.S. planners have known that there was no production base left for supplies and that NATO stockpiles were virtually empty?

Rhett Butler, (Gone with the Wind 1939), contemptuously reminded secessionist hotheads in the South that there was not a single gun factory in the entire South. Today, things are not much better in the United States.

It has been a truism for centuries that logistics is the key to battlefield dominance. Have our current military planners somehow overlooked this?

America is now sifting through its scrap pile for obsolete weapons that can never arrive in time anyway, topping up the Pentagon's lists of Ukrainian military aid, along with manufacturing contracts for future deliveries that are irrelevant, and Ukraine is digging up steam locomotives from museums to run on what's left of its rail system.

But the current leadership of the United States is a bunch of total idiots blinded by ideology, arrogance, and the illusion of seeking "rules-based" global hegemony, an opportunity long since missed, as our performance in this proxy war shows.

The United States may have won the Cold War, but it has lost the peace

Its strategic thinking and military are outdated, and the configuration of both forces and equipment is based on assumptions from the past millennium. The struggle for a Great Global Reset under a unipolar American hegemony is also lost.

The World Economic Forum (WEF), is about as relevant today as the Holy Roman Empire. All they can continue to do is terrorize the increasingly authoritarian states of the West with stupid policy proposals.

The attempt to destroy Russia has made it a burst of brilliant diplomacy and leadership by Putin and his team, who have quietly determined that the rest of the world prefers sovereignty and a multipolar world.

Pax Americana, as Larry Johnson called the post-Cold War era, is over. Historians of the future will study this period of history with fascination. Few times in history has such immense change occurred so quickly.

But how will the idiots in Washington react? Will they try to impose Petraeus' coalition of the willing, made up of some NATO troops?

Petraeus has had two significant ideas in his life so far: as a cadet, he married the daughter of his boss, the superintendent of West Point, and he decided to abandon his CIA men who died in Benghazi to avoid an embarrassment for Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Will a desperate US/NATO invent some reason and actually physically intervene to prevent the inevitable defeat of Ukraine?

Putin's tactics in the Donbass may be an important clue. Why, if a major offensive to take and break out of the Donbass is imminent, would the Russians intensively fortify the line they already hold?

Could it be that after the absurd Parthian pinpricks that the CIA has placed in Russia itself, the Russians have decided that the U.S./NATO is just so far out of control that they are attempting both a tactical nuclear strike and an attack by NATO forces?

The next six months are likely to be the most hair-raising we have seen to date.

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