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Leftist to 9/11 widow: "Your husband should f**ing rot in the grave"

Updated: Aug 25

A left-wing protester was caught on video harassing an alleged 9/11 widow and telling her that her late husband should “rot in the grave” and he looked to be ready for physical confrontation.

The harassment of the woman took place in Portland, Oregon, during clashes between Antifa and pro-Trump factions.

The protester, who appeared to be a part of Antifa, first started screaming at the woman as she waited for a traffic light to change so she could cross the street. It’s unclear when exactly the confrontation occurred.

The apparent Antifa protester who seemed to feel empowered harassing a woman who lost her husband in the 9/11 terror attacks, suddenly lost his nerve when confronted by large men who appear to be associated with the right-wing “Proud Boys.”

Leftist to 9/11 widow: 'Your husband should f--king rot in the grave'

Footage of the Antifa protester shows him and his friends taunting counter-protesters in Portland, OR, from across the street.

After several back-and-forth insult exchanges, a large bald man begins walking toward the Antifa protesters..

Footage then shows the Antifa members standing on another street corner when they’re found by the Proud Boys again.

The Antifa man and his friend take off running as several Proud Boys discuss “chasing them down.”

It should be noted that what is happening in Portland is an embarrassment, but it’s pretty rich when Leftists have no problem harassing women but run when confronted by someone they think could actually hurt them.

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