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The U.S. military is a corrupt monster that is swallowing the world

It now has exactly 900 foreign military bases. This is in addition to 749 bases (which can be examined here) that are within the United States, for a grand total of 1,649 U.S. military bases.

Whom is this ‘defending’ anyone from? Is it defending Americans? From what, where?


Who would be so stupid as to initiate hostile activity against the most voracious, armed-to-the-teeth, aggressive, nation in the entire history of the world (not excepting even Nazi Germany)?


Does aggressiveness such as America displays — more coups, more invasions, more subversions, more strangulating sanctions, than probably any nation in the history of the world — protect anybody from anything?


Or is it instead protecting only America’s billionaires, America's imperialists, from having to compete against foreign international firms on a fair basis — enabling American imperialists to exploit the world in ways that no other nation’s international corporations possibly can?


Is this military behemoth America protecting, in other words, its top gangsters who are thereby placed beyond being able to be prosecuted anywhere? What is all this for — what are those 900 foreign military bases really for?


The U.S. Government repeatedly promised that the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline from Russia to Germany would never be allowed to operate — and then the U.S. and its UK partner blew up not only that pipeline but the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, in order to make sure that European industry would die, that Europe would de-industrialize.


If there will be an economic competitor to the U.S., it certainly won’t now be Europe.


How corrupt do European leaders need to be in order for them NOT to kick out all American military bases from their lands?


Why aren’t there revolutions in Europe, to overthrow their own stooge-leaders, and replace their stooge-media by trustworthy ones — ones that aren’t controlled by such Quislings and by the U.S.-allied local-national billionaires who control these Quislings, for the benefit of U.S. billionaires?


The local billionaires might get their cut of the overall take, but that won’t do any good for the publics in European countries. America’s big victim now is Europe, but other countries around the world will be next.


The U.S. Government is a rampant global psychopath on the loose, with nothing to restrain it. Everyone should fear it — most of all its ‘allies’ or vassal-nations.


Scott Ritter headlined on November 17th, “NATO’s hair trigger: The Polish missile incident was a close brush with nuclear annihilation. The fervor with which Poland and others sought to drag NATO into a war with Russia should ring alarm bells for everyone.”


NATO is the main part of the U.S. billionaires’ gang; it should have ended in 1991 when the Soviet Union’s Warsaw Pact did, and then Russia wouldn’t have had any reason to worry now, as it does, that U.S. missiles would be placed in a NATO member, Ukraine, only 300 miles away from those U.S. missiles blitz-nuking Moscow and decapitating Russia’s central command so that Russia won’t be able to respond to such a U.S. nuclear-blitz missile elimination of The Kremlin.


Why aren’t Europeans marching in their streets with signs saying “End NATO Now!”? What good does NATO do for Europeans? It only endangers them.


Its expansion up to Russia’s borders creates now the very real and present danger of a global nuclear war that will destroy (first of all) all of Europe, not to mention the rest of the world.


Without NATO, this danger would not exist — or else would be far less than it is today. Only the billionaires who own America’s top 100 ‘Defense’ contractors, such as Lockheed Martin, benefit from it.


Ritter was saying that continuing NATO will almost certainly end in global nuclear armageddon. How can European publics be so oblivious? Their masters are evil, and control them by deception in their media and elsewhere.


The time to wake up from the lies and deception is now. Or else it will never come, and nuclear annihilation will come instead, because that is where we all are headed.


The time to wake up is now, if it will happen at all. The mass-stupidity needs to end now. End NATO Now! It is evil. It must end soon, or else the world itself will.


The time to choose, between death (NATO) and life (the elimination of NATO and of all U.S. bases on foreign soil), is NOW!

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