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Islam | Who, What, and How

Updated: May 28

This week I stumbled over a very interesting video. Interesting because it's handling a subject in a way I didn't see before, and believe me, I watched many videos on the internet.

In the anti-Islam movement we are focused on adult readers, readers who can make up their own mind.

While doing so we forget the weakest shackle in our chain, our beloved little creatures, who cannot make up their own mind yet, OUR KIDS.

My friend Elsa created a great video directed to the little ones among us from age 8 and up. Like a question and answer lesson in the classroom.

But who can explain better what made Elsa create this video than herself?

"What made me create a short simple fun truthful kids' video about Islam? What got me to do Islam - Who, What and How: the 3 central concepts of Islam and loads more, all in just 9 minutes? And whom do I want to reach?

I'll start with the second question: I want every kid in the West to see it. Ideally it would be through the schools which currently teach material about Islam that, at best, can be described as not telling the full truth. More likely, it will be through other sources, most likely online. Then, what made me create the video? I'd never made a kids' video before. I hadn't done anything remotely like it - simple drawings, a sweet teacher talking in a sweet voice about Islam to her students.

Why do something like that? I very much care to reach people, and I couldn't see anyone trying to reach kids with the truth about Islam in a quick easy way. Islamics, on the other hand, have done a great job of getting books like "I Love Islam" into schools throughout the West. What could I do, as one person? One day I watched a video on doing a project in a week - and the idea for the kids' video came to me. Next came a week of long days working on it. The script. The drawings. Recording the voice. Getting all the words on the video. The much harder work: getting the video out into the world. It quickly reached about 11,000 people, because a few major counter-jihad blogs posted about it. More recently, the Facebook posting reached over 90,000. Plus there are translations that have reached thousands more. But there are millions of kids in the West. It's a big challenge. Please watch. Ideas welcome. By the way, while I made this for kids, maybe it will prove important for adults - getting the word to people who usually resist listening. We will see."

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