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'UKRAINIAN AGONY - The Concealed War

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The war correspondent team was on site in the south-east of Ukraine - in Donbass, from July 2014 till April 2015


They shot countless videos and scored over a thousand photographs. The team of “Keep a close eye on by Mark Bartalmai” was the ONLY western and German team of journalists with the highest level of accreditation and therefore had access to many critical points in this civil war. Their materials are now being used in this documentary.


They cut this documentary film from over 3 terra bytes of videos that were filmed in the months on site. It shows the different areas of the war in recounting episodes and individual stories – of civilians, soldiers and journalists.


The focus is on the personal perspectives of each of the actors, supported by recorded material, during and after the bombing of cities, battles and on people’s lives under war conditions in the middle of Europe.


The documentary is not an action movie. Rather, it lives from the spoken word, by the voices of the interviewed people and their impressions. Accompanied by sequences of events it draws a picture of the personal feelings of the participants – whether civilians, soldiers or journalists.


“Ukrainian Agony” is a silent movie about the immense volume and violence of war. The propaganda has reached a new level of “quality”. Disinformation, concealment, half-truths up to outright lies are the “weapons” of certain Western media in this war – in an unprecedented degree.