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Why Zelensky is a Neo-Nazi and a Jewish FRAUD

Updated: Aug 4

There have been some people who assumed that Zelensky is Jewish and therefore he cannot possibly be a Neo-Nazi.

Many in Israel are deeply disturbed by his claims to be Jewish when he married a non-Jew and his children are baptized in the Russian Orthodox Church he wants now banned. Zelensky before the war would not comment about being Jewish for he was certainly not a practicing Jew.

Many are comparing Zelensky to George Soros who is also a non-practicing Jew who even helped the Nazis seize Jews, send them to the death camps, and confiscated their property. He also admitted he did not believe in God. Soros has been behind funding Zelensky who played a TV role of a comedian becoming president and they put money behind him to turn that role into reality. Those who think Zelensky cannot possibly be a Neo-Nazi fail to look at the facts and assume the Nazis were only exterminating Jews.

Since the war, Zelensky has been playing the Jewish card to get money from Israel and to try to pretend he is not a Neo-Nazi which means a “new” version of Nazism that believes still in ethnic cleansing, but their targets are Russians, not Jews. Ukrainian Nazis exterminated not just Jews, but Polish and Russians. So the Neo-Nazi is about the ethnical cleansing of Russians from Ukraine.

When it comes to the total number of deaths one person is responsible for, Hitler actually comes third after Stalin and Mao, but if we include revolutions, then Karl Marx is responsible for over 200 million. This seems to be the goal of the World Economic Forum to rise to the top of the list of history where Klaus Schwab’s name will live forever as well and perhaps he will also reduce the population so Bill Gates can sleep at night.

The Jewish community of Mariupol in Ukraine dates to the mid-19th century. The roughly 10,000 Jews were living in the city in 1941 and were nearly exterminated by the Ukrainian Nazis. Many of the Ukrainian Jews who did not move to Israel, moved to the Donbas where Russians were never part of the Holocaust. Zelensky’s civil war against the Donbas has led to at least 1.4 million Donbas residents being displaced, and at least 75,000 fled to Russia (2019-05-UNHCR-UKRAINE-Operational-Update-FINAL).

Zelensky will say anything for money. He addressed the Israeli government and pretended that Ukraine is fighting for its life comparing it to the Holocaust. Many have found this to be a real disgrace and he has offended many Jews but the press hides this also from plain view for they need to sell a war against Russia and will then turn on China in this modern age of ethnic war.

First of all, those making such statements that Zelensky cannot be a Neo-Nazi simply because he is a Jew demonstrate that they really have listened only to the propaganda about Hitler and the Jews as well. Hitler was engaged in eugenics and that was NOT confined to the Jews. While the overwhelming account of the Nazis was their extermination of the Jews, they were not the only people targeted. The German Nazis also engaged in the genocide/ethnic cleansing of European Roma (Gypsies). Hitler also dragged invalid World War I soldiers from their beds and exterminated them for they were a burden on the state to support.

The Ukrainian Nazis were on board with the German Nazis and were also engaged in this ethnic cleansing but they targeted Jews, Polish, and Russians. I strongly urge you to watch Oliver Stone’s documentary Ukraine on Fire which covers the Ukrainian Nazi movement. The US never prosecuted the Ukrainian Nazis for the slaughter of countless Jews, Polish, and Russians because they were also killing Russians. Hence, in the old story, the Russian enemy is my friend. Only the Germans were prosecuted for their acts against the Jews at Nuremberg – no Ukrainians.

Zelensky will not admit that he has approved of the Ukrainian Neo-Nazis who hate Russians. His national hero Bandara is hailed in Ukraine and the US never prosecuted the Ukrainian Nazis only because they were useful due to their hatred of Russians. I warned from the outset, having friends on both sides of Ukraine, that the ONLY fair solution was to divide the country based upon language which I argued back in 2014. I warned that the computer had targeted Ukraine as where the conflict would begin back in 2013.

The Bottomline is that I believe Zelensky is a FRAUD and rejected being a Jew like Soros but uses that for-profit now. He probably did hide his Jewish heritage because of the Ukrainian Nazis so he married a non-Jew and baptized his children Christian. That is understandable in a country that hated Jews. However, Zelensky is playing the Jewish card for the money and to pretend he is somehow not a Neo-Nazi yet today the Ukrainian Neo-Nazis are not about killing Jews – only Russians and if they happen to be Jewish that is no exception.

In 1959 Ukraine had 840,000 Jews, a decrease of almost 70% from 1941 totals (within Ukraine’s current borders). Post-1991 and the collapse of the Soviet Union, the majority of the Jews who remained in Ukraine in 1989 left the country migrating to Israel but Zelensky abandoned Judaism and remained. Antisemitic graffiti and violence against Jews had remained a problem in Ukraine. It is no wonder why he abandoned being a Jew, married a non-Jew, and baptized his children. Now he is a Jew to the pretend he is not a Neo-Nazi out to hate Russians? He has sold an image of a Jewish hero defending Jews from the Russians which is offending the Jews who are smart enough to look behind the image.


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