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Where were you when we needed you most in Ukraine?

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

COPIED MESSAGE: from Natascha Janssen in the Netherlands:

"As many of you may know, my mother was born in the Soviet Union, in Ukraine, where my sizeable family is a mix of Russians and Ukrainians. I therefore feel compelled to give my view on the developments in Ukraine..

With my Russian/Ukrainian roots I love both peoples dearly, centuries of brother peoples who mingled with each other. If you asked my Ukrainian-born mother if she felt more Russian or Ukrainian, she replied: '; That's a weird question I don't have an answer to.. There is a difference in our language, our music and dancing but our hearts are one...;';And that's how I was raised and have the most beautiful holidays of my life for 40 years., in love and togetherness, experienced in Russia and Ukraine, in the Soviet Union.

  • It's great that everyone in the Netherlands is now speaking out against waging war, who is for that now?

  • But why only now?

  • Why was everyone silent when that war started 8 years ago??

  • Why did everyone remain silent in the slaughter of thousands of civilians in eastern Ukraine??

  • Why did everyone remain silent about Ukraine's non-compliance with the Minsk agreements??

  • Where was everyone who looked away when 52 people in Odessa were burned alive?

  • Where was everyone who was fine with the democratically elected government being overthrown in 2014??

  • Where was anyone who thought it was fine that a bunch of neo-Nazi';s seized power?

  • Where was everyone when the Ukrainian regime deprived Russian Ukrainians of their basic human rights?: speaking Russian was forbidden, the right to a pension disappeared for Russian speakers and children who spoke Russian and had Russian names were no longer welcome at school.

  • Where was everyone when torchlight parades were organized by neo-Nazis';s with slogans such as ';Russians on the gas';?

  • And finally: where was everyone who remained silent when large parts of this beautiful country, once the granary of Europe, for an apple and an egg were sold to banks and investors for. exploitation for genetic engineering by Monsanto and the cruelest mega-factory farming in Europe?

My cousin in Ukraine saw like this.";n mega stable appear in front of her house. The screams and screams of those animals stacked on top of each other, and then those great ominous silences...; Note: in Ukraine there was only a small-scale livestock farm, before the land came into the possession of western graziers. Ukraine has become a wingewest of the west for 8 years. A colony. And all this at the expense of man, animal, nature and environment.

So why only now, that compassion for the people, that anger against the war? The Ukrainian population has been living in war for 8 years, hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians have already fled to Russia. So are family members of mine, like my cousin and her family.

Of course I know that most Dutch people have no idea about this side of the story because our news provision gives a one-sided picture of the situation.. I am now providing information from the other side. Do with it what you want, but silence is no longer an option for me.

Furthermore, I can only hope that peace will soon come for ALL Ukrainians., Russian and Ukrainian speakers.

Finally: I have been a member of a political party for 20 years. With pain in my heart and a great illusion poorer, I have just resigned my membership of the party. Unfortunately, I have ';my'; party in the last 8 years hardly heard about the violations of people's rights and other essential matters that are just as important for the Netherlands as for Ukraine.

Therefore, I have no choice but to withdraw myself., I want to be able to look at myself in the mirror. And I don't want to do any injustice to my deceased mother posthumously. After all, from her I learned everything about respect for every human being., regardless of his origin.

NO, this is not a propaganda letter of Russian trolls, or a letter of the fake media. Deep research was done and the author found.

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