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What did the news agencies know about the Hamas attack?

The leading news agencies AP, dpa and Reuters published photos of freelance photojournalists who are close to Hamas and were involved in the attack on Israel on October 7 from the very beginning.

Israel has declared these photojournalists to be legitimate targets. The Associated Press has already parted company with one of the photographers named.

According to the NGO Honest Reporting, at least four photojournalists who publish with the leading Western news agencies were probably involved in the bloodthirsty Hamas attack on October 7 from the very beginning: Hassan Eslaiah, Yousef Masoud, Ali Mahmud and Hatem Ali.

Their photos were also published by the German press agency dpa and all leading German mainstream media, although it was clear that the photojournalists involved were involved in the storming of the border and the infiltration of Jewish kibbutzim from the very beginning.

Photographer Hassan Eslaiah published a photo at the gate of Kibbutz Kfar Azza, where Hamas terrorists waited for a civilian vehicle to open the gate and shot the occupants in cold blood.

The armed terrorists then forced their way into the compound and committed indescribable atrocities against the sleeping families inside. Hassan Eslaiah published photos of Kfar Azza with burning buildings and slaughtered bodies, so he was apparently also present during the slaughter.

He also published a jubilant selfie of himself in front of a burning Israeli tank on Twitter/X, and a video on a motorcycle with a Hamas terrorist with a hand grenade.

Hassan Eslaiah also published a selfie in 2020 in which the head of Hamas and leader of the bestial attack Yahya Sinwar kisses him on the cheek.

The Associated Press (AP) has since admitted that Hassan Eslaiah was "an occasional freelancer" who worked "for the AP and other international news organizations in Gaza". The cooperation has now ended.

Upon request, the German Press Agency (dpa) stated that the photographers named were "neither dpa photographers nor dpa freelancers". The photos were taken by the Associated Press and "were broadcast on dpa Bildfunk," said dpa on request.

The dpa "has asked its partner agency AP to clarify how these pictures were taken and whether these freelance photographers were informed in advance about the Hamas terror attack on Israel," a dpa spokesperson in Hamburg said.

ARD, NDR (Tagesschau) and BR (Tel Aviv office) have not yet responded to a similar request.

The Israeli security forces have announced that they will eliminate all participants in the attack on October 7, according to Israeli MP Danny Danon (Likud). This also included the Hamas photojournalists.

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