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Virginia RINO voted with Dems to let transgenders use any bathroom, high school girls are raped now

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

As a Virginia State Senator, Jen Kiggans backed the Democrat-sponsored bill that opened girls’ bathrooms up to men and helped enable the rape and sexual assault of two high school girls in Loudoun County – attacked by a male student identifying as “gender fluid” and allowed into the girls’ bathroom under school policies in line with the so-called Virginia Values Act.

Kiggans, whose 2022 campaign for Congress is strongly backed by the GOP establishment, broke ranks with her party to vote for the bill last year, barring schools and other public spaces from keeping men who claim to be women out of girls’ bathrooms. A Virginia Department of Education guideline that spun off of the bill went even further, forcing schools to adopt trans-affirming bathroom and pronoun policies.

The legislation has created a political powder keg in Loudoun County, where a “gender fluid” male student who outfitted himself in a skirt and was allowed to use the girls’ restroom has been criminally charged with the rape of a 9th-grade girl who he attacked in the bathroom at Loudoun County’s Stone Bridge High School.

According to the victim’s father, who himself was violently arrested when he demanded answers at a meeting of the far-left Loudoun County School Board, the rape was swept under the rug, as to not disrupt the rollout of the school board’s new far-left pro-trans agenda, with the rapist being transferred to another county school, Broad Run High School, where he attacked yet another innocent female student.

Despite widespread media coverage of the Loudoun County school bathroom rape, Kiggans has remained quiet on the issue she helped create as a State Senator, though she has centered much of her campaign for Congress in Virginia’s 2nd District around how great she is for women.

Kiggans’ GOP primary race opponent, America First conservative Jarome Bell, blasted her and the far-left state government for passing the laws that enabled the Loudoun County attacks, saying that those politicians who voted for the Virginia Values Act bear responsibility and calling the far-left’s legislative and cultural agenda “a sickness.”

“The Governor, General Assembly, and every State Senator who voted for the Virginia Values Act, like Jen Kiggans, is responsible for the rape of those two girls,” Bell told National File. “They are endangering girls and boys in school bathrooms and classrooms. This is a sickness that has entered our legislative halls that needs to be removed and never allowed to represent the citizens of Virginia again,” he continued.

“These radical leftist communist bills that my opponent voted for with Governor Northam are undeniably part of a war on women and little girls, making their lives unsafe,” said Bell.

As previously reported by National File, as a State Senator, Jen Kiggans has been at the forefront of enacting the left’s radical LGBT and gender-based agenda, casting the deciding vote in favor of Virginia ratifying the so-called Equal Rights Amendment which, if ever nationally adopted, would lead to the total abolition of gender-specific bathrooms and the mass public funding of abortion on demand.

Kiggans even voted with Virginia Democrats to reverse the will of the voters and rewrite portions of Virginia’s Constitution, standing at odds with even some Democrats as she voted to redefine marriage.

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