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Violent, homophobic neo-Nazi and millionaire fraudster masquerading as the left's “hero”

Updated: Mar 9

Leftist media either have very bad luck, very short memory when it comes to thinking – or there is a strong hand from outside that controls them and dictates the content.

When it comes to Alexei Navalny, who reportedly died in prison, there is no other explanation for the mass despair. The culprit Navalny was a puppet of foreign services – and of highly dubious character.


The horrified Martin Sellner never said anything so radical. The United Left is once again proving its hostility towards reality and intellectuals.


NATO's propaganda machine is in full swing. In this, there was clearly an order to mourn Alexei Navalny. The person is considered by the system media to be “Russia's most important opposition figure” or “the most important Kremlin critic”.


The fact that there is something fishy about the whole affair and that his presumed death conveniently coincides with his wife's appearance at the Munich Security Conference should raise doubts even among stubborn supporters of the state's narrative – the latest when you see his triumphant smile. Are:


If you ask who is most hurt by Navalny's alleged death, Putin's answer is Russia – but only in the eyes of the West. It is a propaganda victory for the West that brings the world even closer to World War III.


This incident did not benefit anyone in Russia – and the puppet of Western services in prison was certainly not a threat to Putin. Navalny would have been perfectly suited – because of his questionable character – to work on a color revolution as an operative of the CIA and other services in Russia. But no one there wants to do this.


Propaganda turns a criminal into a martyr

Navalny has been portrayed as a political prisoner – and many people get caught up in this story instead of doing quick research. TV said it, favorite newspaper published it this way, it must be true.

Navalny “Hero Of The West” - Showing his true colors

We should have learned from the recent Corona period: if all system media represent the same opinion – usually with similar words – then the news is false. Its purpose is either to distract or conceal – but in either case to misinform and manipulate.


If, in Navalny's case, all the media are reporting the same thing and all the Unity Party politicians are ostentatiously condemning it, then something is wrong. And yes, it smells to heaven.


Navalny originally went to jail because he and his equally criminal brothers commercially defrauded global company Yves Rocher and another company in Russia.


The criminal organization pretended to provide transportation services – which were in fact performed by the regular Russian Postal Service. Total damage: approximately 1.2 million euros.


Yves Rocher originally reported on the brothers in Russia, but the parts of the company that were not based in Russia withdrew the allegations and said they had “never filed a complaint against Navalny”. Earlier, Navalny was said to have caused 372,000 euros worth of damage to the state-owned Kirovles timber company.


Complaint in Human Rights Court

The system media united front also forgets the fact that Navalny went to the Human Rights Court, where he wanted to portray himself as a politically persecuted victim of Russia's arbitrariness. There it was believed that he probably did not get a fair trial in Russia.


What the court did not confirm: that Navalny was innocent or that he was being persecuted for political reasons. Because the process did not follow the rules of the law, he was given 10,000 euros as compensation.


Navalny's first conviction on fraud charges resulted in probation. He had to report to the police twice a month. The “opposition” violated it several times. This was followed by an absurd story about his alleged poisoning – from which he fully recovered in October 2020, according to the German charity involved in his treatment.


(According to information from, Germany never handed over evidence or the chemical formula of the poison allegedly found. The reason: Navalny refused to send medical information to Russia).


After recovering, he continued to refuse to report to the police, which is why an arrest warrant was issued in late December. Navalny was arrested upon entering Russia from Germany on January 17, 2021.


Navalny was initially sentenced to 30 days in jail. To determine how “brutally” the “Putin regime” treated them: they were allowed to film and broadcast their trial from their cell phones. Ultimately, he served a nine-year prison sentence in Russia for violating probation terms.


Meanwhile, Russia filed new charges. The charges relate to the activities of one of Navalny's “anti-corruption foundations”, which was banned earlier in 2021. The foundation was classified as an “extremist group” and another charge was “funding extremist activities”.


It is undisputed that Russia has always imposed very high sentences – in this case 22 years in prison. However, these punishments were not entirely baseless and for purely political reasons.


Navalny's “sudden and unexpected” death matches millions of deaths worldwide as a result of COVID-19 mRNA injections. After taking a walk he felt sick and then fainted.


The cause of death would be a blood clot. This is just a footnote, when you consider who benefits from Navalny's death and how it fits into a global timetable in which NATO moves against Russia every day, there are several possible theories about the circumstances of his death. There are thoughts. One can smile mildly at the notion that foreign services cannot operate in Russian prisons.


Right-wing extremist, violent neo-Nazi

Navalny's character is extremely suspicious. The statements he has made publicly are clearly right-wing extremist and violent. He talked about foreigners and people of other races, especially Chechens, as cockroaches who should be shot – there is also a kind of “advertising video” where he calls on the population to be armed. Incidentally, he considered Russia's annexation of Crimea justified – which greatly saddened some of his NATO friends at the time.


There are videos of political rallies Navalny was responsible for or appeared at as a speaker – where the Hitler salute was shown en masse.


When conflict broke out between Russia and Georgia, Navalny emerged as a racist agitator and called for the bombing of the “rodent capital” Tbilisi. He repeatedly found clear words for homosexuals and said that these “faggots” should be locked up. Civil rights activists – in the West they would be called “woke leftists” – explained that they were “quasi-liberals gone astray”.


If Navalny was “the most important Kremlin critic,” that says a lot about Kremlin critics and their friends, too.


Anyone who now goes around indiscriminately, bashing Putin and Putin's Russia and portraying Navalny as a victim of the Kremlin has probably once again become a victim of mainstream propaganda.


The Navalny case is being used to push the West one step further in its war against Russia. The fact that the death of a neo-Nazi was used for this speaks volumes about the moral depravity of the people behind it.

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