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Ukrainian "war refugees" in Germany go on vacation in their homeland

Updated: Mar 14

Bus connections to Kiev and Lviv completely booked up.

For the bus company FlixBus, the business with destinations in Ukraine, such as the trips to Kiev or Lviv, is profitable. Now in the vacations, the buses from Germany direction Ukraine are completely booked. The "war refugees" are taking a vacation back home.

The western media are reporting time and again about the war in the Donbas and Ukraine. Rockets upon rockets are allegedly hitting civilian buildings, spread all over the country. Nowhere in Ukraine people are safe from the alleged "Russian war of aggression," they propagate. Therefore, Germany is morally obligated to continue taking in "war refugees" from Ukraine without limit.

Be it that these "war refugees" apparently do not listen to the reports of the Western media or do not understand them due to lack of language skills, they do not react at all to the admonitions and warnings. In large numbers, they regularly book bus trips from all major German cities to their supposedly oh-so embattled homeland.

The provider FlixBus could easily offer significantly more trips and would also get the seats sold. This option is limited only by the fact that neither enough buses nor enough drivers are available. That is why - and only why - not all Ukrainian "war refugees" can take a vacation in their home country.

In other countries, which are not governed by a “Traffic light coalition”, as they call it in Germany (Socialist/Liberal/Green), "refugees" and/or asylum seekers who have "fled" their home countries, from which they supposedly fled war or persecution, lose their status. Nor are they allowed to return to their host countries.

In those countries legislative proposals are on the table, which are to prevent exactly that. This means that a "refugee" on vacation in his or her home country will be faced with closed doors or border crossings. In plain language “When you’re out, you stay out”

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