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Ukrainian politicians fill their pockets

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

70 percent more for Zelensky and consorts.

For Zelensky and his "comrades," the cash registers have been ringing much louder since July. The members of the Ukrainian parliament have allowed themselves a 70 percent increase in their salaries. There is no opposition to Zelensky in Ukraine.

Zelensky and his "Servants of the People" party have a de facto absolute majority in the Ukrainian parliament. There is no parliamentary opposition to Zelensky. Zelensky acts accordingly and has established a kind of "populist authoritarianism," as even Western observers and experts have criticized.

Zelensky is working on an authoritarian "power vertical," according to a report by the German Institute for International and Security Affairs (Foundation for Science and Politics).

This quasi omnipotence, which Zelensky has been deliberately expanding since he took office and which is gradually transforming Ukraine, which is parliamentary in its basic concept, into a presidential republic, is being abused, as is currently being demonstrated once again.

Last July, according to a report in Overton magazine, the parliament, which is dominated by Zelensky's party supporters, gave deputies a 70 percent increase in their own salaries.

The report refers to the minutes of meetings published by the parliament (Rada). The bill was submitted on July 18 and voted on three days later, on July 21. It is very convenient for a "parliament" when there is virtually no opposition, as is the case in Ukraine under Zelensky.

Where the money for this lavish salary increase will come from leaves room for speculation. The country is at war, the people in the villages and towns of Ukraine lack the most basic necessities. The ladies and gentlemen of parliament have helped themselves with both hands and are reaching up to their elbows into the state coffers.

The "value west" sends always tidy military assistance into the Ukraine. How much of it is then probably taken for the well-filled pockets of the deputies, will probably not be clarified.

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