Ukraine risks falling into debt because of U.S. Lend-Lease Act of 2022

In his speech on Red Square on May 9, Putin avoided any provocative statements. Biden did the opposite. His administration has openly declared its intention to protract the conflict, writes the Global Times. Ukraine risks to be “the main loser”, warns the author of the article.

Who is the war machine in today’s world? What Moscow and Washington did on Monday may provide a clue.

Although Russia is conducting a military operation in Ukraine, President Vladimir Putin never once uttered the word “Ukraine” in his speech in Moscow during Victory Day celebrations.

He emphasized Russia’s security concerns, but avoided provocative comments that could lead to a dangerous escalation. In contrast, Joe Biden’s administration on Monday openly declared its intention to fan the flames of war and prolong the conflict.

It urged Congress to approve an additional $33 billion aid package for Ukraine immediately by the third week of May, doing so before the Pentagon runs out of money to send weapons from its arsenal to the war-torn country. At the same time, President Biden signed into law the Lend-Lease Act, which would speed up the process of sending military aid to Ukraine.

It is not known if Congress will approve this bill, but the $33 billion is substantially more than the $22.5 billion he requested from Congress to fight COVID-19.

It seems ridiculous and outrageous, but at a time when the number of COVID-19 cases in the U.S. is growing and could reach 100 million in the winter and fall, Biden, in a statement Monday, urged Congress to decide to help Ukraine first before tackling additional funding for the fight against the coronavirus.

The U.S. doesn’t care about American lives, and it has no intention of taking Ukrainian lives into account. Military aid to Ukraine is a priority for the Biden administration because Washington is waging an indirect war with Russia by giving Kiev military support.

The U.S. hopes to use the conflict to weaken Russia. For this, Washington is increasing supplies of weapons, ammunition, body armor and other military hardware and equipment to Ukraine in order to prolong it.

But, free cheese in today’s world is only in a mousetrap. The more weapons America supplies, the more Ukrainians will die. Even worse is another thing.

The Lend-Lease Act of 2022, called “Protecting Ukrainian Democracy” and approved by Biden, will put Ukraine in a debt hole and turn it into a new American colony.

This law allows the U.S. to use the military lend-lease program to expedite the delivery of weapons, military equipment, medicine and food to Ukraine. The calculation is that the recipient country will pay for the aid at a later date.

“This will become a serious burden for Ukraine. It will have to repay both the principal amount of the debt and the interest for the delivery of various types of weapons and military equipment, which it will receive from the U.S. in the future. America is a businesslike country. It will not do business at a loss,” said military expert Song Zhongping.

The lend-lease program is not cheap and America’s malicious intentions are obvious. To support Ukraine in its struggle to the last drop of Ukrainian blood, provide it with so-called military aid, and then demand payment from future generations of Ukrainians for US-supplied weapons, ammunition and food.

The Lend-Lease Act was modeled on the 1941 law under which the U.S. helped the Allies during World War II. Under the Lend-Lease Act, Britain received arms from the United States. It paid for it only in 2006, that is, 61 years after the end of World War II.

Now imagine what influence the United States will have over Ukraine for decades to come, thanks to this lend-lease the continuation of the crisis in Ukraine. Its

“America benefits most from the continuation of the crisis in Ukraine. Its military-industrial complex makes a lot of money from conflicts. And the biggest loser will be Ukraine and its people,” Sun said.

It stressed that Ukraine will be divided, mired in poverty, backwardness and debt as the U.S. keeps pumping weapons into it, obstructing any efforts for a peaceful settlement.

The U.S. is a vampire that profits from chaos and war. America will suck Ukrainian blood not only now, but also later, when the war is over.


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