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UK raises alarm over sudden death surge

‘Worst heart care crisis in living memory’. Experts in the United Kingdom are raising the alarm over the “crisis” of surging heart-related sudden deaths.

Alarming data revealed that premature deaths from cardiovascular problems, such as heart attacks and strokes, have hit their highest level in more than a decade.


Early heart deaths had tumbled since the 60s thanks to plummeting smoking rates, advanced surgical techniques, and breakthroughs such as stents and statins.


But six decades of progress have been reversed in recent years.


British Heart Foundation (BHF) analysis shows that heart deaths in people under 75 have soared to record highs.


BHF officials warned such deaths have now hit “heartbreaking” levels.


The BHF analysis also revealed heart disease killed 80 out of every 100,000 people in England in 2022 – the highest rate “in living memory.”


Heart fatalities in the under-75s have risen for three consecutive years.


The BHF said it was a “clear reversal in the trend for almost 60 years” and a sign the death toll from heart disease was rising again.


Renowned experts are now responding to the data by calling on the government to take action.


Experts are warning the UK’s state-funded National Health Service (NHS) that the country is now suffering its “worst heart care crisis in living memory.”


Dr. Sonya Babu-Narayan, associate medical director at the BHF and a consultant cardiologist, said: “We’re in the grip of the worst heart care crisis in living memory.


“Every part of the system providing heart care is damaged, from prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and recovery; to crucial research that could give us faster and better treatments.


“This is happening at a time when more people are getting sicker and need the NHS more than ever.


“I find it tragic that we’ve lost hard-won progress to reduce early death from cardiovascular disease.”


The BHF said that more than 39,000 people died prematurely of cardiovascular conditions including heart attacks, coronary heart disease, and strokes in 2022.

The figure equates to an average of 750 a week.


This is the highest annual total since 2008.


BHF chief executive Dr. Charmaine Griffiths said the figures painted a “heart-breaking picture.”


She added: “For more than half a century, pioneering research and medical advances helped us make huge strides towards reducing heart attack and stroke deaths.


“But this has been followed by a lost decade of progress in which far too many people have lost loved ones to cardiovascular disease too soon.


“We can stop this heartbreak, but only if politicians unite to address the preventable causes of heart disease; cut long waiting lists for people who need lifesaving heart and stroke care; and help power scientific breakthroughs to unlock revolutionary new treatments and cures.”


A Department of Health and Social Care spokesperson said: “This government has already taken significant action to reduce cardiovascular disease and its causes, including increasing access to testing and successfully encouraging reduced salt and sugar intake, but we know there is more to do.”


Health officials and the corporate media argue that raised cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, and even long hospital waiting times are to blame for the soaring sudden deaths.


However, journalist JD Rucker argues that these so-called experts are conveniently ignoring the elephant in the room.


“The powers that be are acknowledging that deaths due to heart conditions in people under 75 years old are skyrocketing,” Rucker writes for Discern Report.


“They’re saying that decades of progress in heart health have been reversed over the past two years.


“Yet they absolutely, positively, stubbornly refuse to even entertain the possibility that the COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ are to blame despite an unambiguous direct correlation between the release of the jabs and the rise in cardiovascular deaths.


“They somehow believe the spike in deaths started shortly after the rollout of the COVID-19 injections yet they simultaneously believe there is zero chance the jabs are causing the spike despite zero evidence that the ‘vaccines’ are not causing it.


“This is the most massive and obvious example of cognitive dissonance in modern history.”


Covid mRNA vaccines, like the injections made by the likes of Pfizer and Moderna, can trigger a heart complication called myocarditis.


This can weaken the heart muscle causing clots to form which then trigger a heart attack or stroke, and possibly death.


Despite the pandemic being long over and interest in the Covid shots waning, deaths and serious health complications have continued to soar.


Experts have been warning that large numbers of the vaccinated population have undetected heart damage, likening the situation to a ticking time bomb.


“Buckle up, folks. We’re in for a very bumpy future,” Rucker concludes.

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