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Uganda enacts death penalty for gay pedophiles, Biden threatens sanctions

Updated: Mar 15

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni said that the law is meant to protect current and future generations of Ugandan children from alphabet mafia groomers.

The African nation of Uganda has passed new legislation banning LGBTism while enacting the death penalty for homosexual pedophiles and groomers, with the nation’s President saying in an impassioned speech to parliament that the new laws will protect Ugandan children of both the present and the future.

The new legislation, which bans homosexuality, the promotion of homosexuality, and gives the death penalty to gay child-grooming pedophiles, “protects and safeguards the sovereignty of this country, the morals of this country, the culture, and we will always legislate for our people,” said Anita Annet, the Speaker of the Ugandan Parliament, when the national legislature voted to pass the law on Wednesday.

“We will have our morals, we will protect our children, and we are making this law for ourselves, we are making this law for our children, we are making this law for the children of our children,” Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni said in an impassioned speech to parliament.

“This country will stand firm!” President Museveni vowed. “Homosexuals have no space in Uganda.”

UGANDA - Death penalty for gay pedophiles

Western governments, including the Biden Administration, have attacked Uganda’s new law to protect children and give the death penalty to pedophiles, and LGBT activism groups have been staging anti-Ugandan protests across the Western World, but to no avail.

In fact, some Ugandan politicians have directly mocked the LGBT protests in the West and the responses of Western governments, likening their desire to force homosexuality onto the people of Africa to colonialism.

In a White House briefing, Obama-Biden crony John Kirby threatened that the United States will pass economic sanctions against Uganda should the legislation be followed through with and the law giving gay pedophiles the death penalty goes into effect.

“We’re certainly watching this real closely,” Kirby told the press when asked if the United States would sanction Uganda for protecting their children from pedophiles, before threatening economic “repercussions” against the African nation.

The anti-pedophile and anti-grooming legislation is “devastating to a whole community of people inside Uganda,” Kirby went on to say.

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