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They let us down and it’s hard to trust them again

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

As we grow up, age and mature, we come to think that there are some that we can count on to call it straight.

We can count on umpires to be neutral arbitrators of the strike zone. We thought we could rely on the Supreme Court to judge all laws, all ideas, all thoughts, all regulations, and all speech according to the U.S. Constitution. We thought scientists would pursue the truth.

I don't think we were being Pollyannaish, nor looking for rainbows, not ever acting as if we live in Mayberry. But at a certain age, we came to expect and appreciate certain political bodies, certain government agencies, and specific non-profits to judge all and everything according to the Constitution and rule of law.

Even if we did not agree with them on a specific matter; we knew where they were coming from. We thought they would always be pure in their motivation. We thought they came at us straight and true.

But not anymore. Over the last 5 years, and especially the last 18 months it has become clear that many of these people are just dirty political fronts.

They're not noble, they're not non-partisan, and they're not nice... at all. These groups that we had held in high esteem because we felt that they would always call it straight, regardless of the politics, have let America down. They have destroyed Americans' sense of fair play and neutrality.

They are just as corrupt and bias as the politicians of whom we never trusted. But we thought these guys would keep Washington, D.C on the straight road, out of the Mao ditch and Stalin embankment. They failed, and thus our nation's capital is now failing.

It is as if no one in DC goes by the U.S. Constitution anymore. They openly ignore the written laws. They allow things they know are unconstitutional. Once they were held in high regard, maybe not revered, but they certainly had been grudgingly respected. Not anymore.

United States Military

The leadership of the United States military has become a huge disappointment, and are now probably acting outside the Constitution.

We had always been taught, and it always seemed, that the military leadership stayed out of politics. They did not engage in partisan issues. They remain under the Commander-In-Chief according to the Constitution. But it has become very obvious from the first day President Trump was sworn in that they worked behind the scenes to destroy him.

General Milley is much more interested in being "woke" to BLM and Antifa, than winning wars. Milley himself apologized and said he was wrong when he condemned the BLM/Antifa attempted burning of the oldest church in Washington DC.

It appears leadership in the military would rather get the applause of the Washington Post and New York Times than the regard of their own men and women in uniform.

The military doesn’t guard our southern border from invasion, but then thinks it's totally cool to allow themselves to be used to move illegal immigrants throughout the heartland in America General Milley, rather than reading books on 1619, might want to read books on the fall of the Roman Empire and maybe see if he thinks there's a rational nexus of that time period to today.


We had always thought the American Civil Liberties Union was liberal... but pure. We had always believed they were on the Left side of the spectrum, but noble in their pursuits. Not anymore.

It has become painfully clear that the ACLU is just another appendage of the Progressive Deep State. All of the pure and noble values that the ACLU had pushed since 1945, after WW II, they are now ignoring.

The ACLU sits back quietly as books are banished; they do not speak up as publishers of conservative content are banned from social media and not a peep from them as journalists and members of the press are surveiled, spied on, and shadowed.

Charles Schultz (of Peanuts) is canceled, and the ACLU says nothing. To Kill A Mockingbird is taken out of our schools, and the ACLU is mute. Conservatives are shouted off of the stage in our universities and the ACLU looks away. American citizens are being forced to take an experimental vaccine, and the ACLU is silent.

Now the ACLU says the Second Amendment is... wait for this... racist. The ACLU has not said one word as 1/6 trespassers are sitting in solitary confinement in DC jails for half a year.

Intelligence Agencies

From the FBI, to the CIA, to the NSA, our intelligence agencies are no longer neutral. They no longer adhere to the Constitution and federal law.

They are used by the Progressive Deep State to punish the political adversaries of the Deep State. They operate outside the law and outside the Constitution.

From them spying on candidate Trump in 2015, to undermining President Trump for 4 years, our intelligence agencies are operating outside the Constitution. Entrapment is illegal.

More and more the leadership looks like something out of 1930s Germany, 1950s Soviet Union, or China today. They wiretap President Trump, they spy on Tucker Carlson, and they entrap General Flynn.

They send a dozen heavily armed men in the middle of the night to arrest Roger Stone. FBI agents actually "took a knee" in allegiance to the BLM during last summer's violent riots.

Today, our intelligence agencies make Joe McCarthy look like a civil libertarian. They are dangerously corrupt, and this is extremely scary.

Supreme Court

Either the Supreme Court members are cowards, or they’re compromised or corrupt. That is the only way to explain how the Supreme Court could have turned its back on election fraud and felonies before the November 2020 election, after the election, before the inauguration, and still today.

There is no way of explaining what the Supreme Court is not doing, is not ruling, is not "being" the Supreme Court without using the words... cowards, corrupt, or compromised.

With all of the forensic audits going on in "Purple States' that are showing election fraud did occur, and President Trump most likely won, the Supreme Court will eventually need to make "The Decision" regarding Election 2020.

The very real problem here is that about half of America no longer trusts and respects the Supreme Court.


Trust the Science. Trust the Science. Trust the Science. No more, no more, no more. It has become painfully clear that the CDC is no longer a purely medical institution, no longer above the fray, and no longer "just" scientists and doctors.

Apparently, some within the Center for Disease Control appear to either be woefully incompetent or corrupt bureaucrats that we can no longer trust, no longer take at their words.

The corruption and/or incompetence of the CDC is on national display. And now the CDC is "requesting" moms and dads who have been fully vaccinated, to now wear masks inside their own home around their own children!

Because of all of this, half of America is not listening anymore. The CDC still refuses to say the China virus came from a military lab in Wuhan, China. Why?

These 5 entities have shockingly let us down. We cannot give them a blank check of acquiescence anymore.

This is a pivotal and volatile time. If we did not trust politicians, we thought we could trust them. But no more, unfortunately.

When cement columns and steel girders crumble; buildings go down. When the Constitution is no longer followed by our leadership, the Democratic Republic goes down. And now it begins to get dangerous and wobbly.

Citizens begin to take matters in their own hands. Read your history books about other once-democratic countries; it happens again, and again, and again.

It's on these institutions to regain the trust of half of the American people. It is on them. And it needs to be very very soon.

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