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The world as we see it today has been divided by two axes of powers

Updated: Mar 15

The West led by the United States of America, the United Kingdom, the European Union, Canada, Japan, South Korea, and Australia.

And the BRICS including Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, in addition to Iran and Venezuela as regional players and several African countries.

China and its belt and road initiative being the biggest power while Russia and India are the main major players on a geopolitical and economic scale.

The West and the BRICS have two options to go, either to address the current geopolitical division and reach a sane agreement of a bipolar world system or face the catastrophe of WWIII.

How United States of America became the unipolar?

First phase of the past three decades has been decisive in shaping today’s world. First, the dissolving of the Soviet Union and the Socialist Bloc, second the 2nd Gulf war, and third the Balkan war which ended in fragmenting former Yugoslavia into sex mini-countries after the intervention of US- led NATO. The European Union eventually enrolled these mini countries under its umbrella at the orders of the USA.

Second phase started after the attack on the New York Twin Towers on September 11, 2001, leading to the USA attack on Afghanistan and invasion of Iraq, then the ‘Greater Middle East doctrine’ and ‘Creative Chaos’ (2006), the war on Lebanon (2006), and the proxy terror war against seven Arab countries, that are still enduring its devastating consequences either as failed-torn-apart countries, under US/Allies military occupation, and/or under sanctions.

Third phase is the colored revolution in Ukraine and the rise of a Nazi government, and the massacres committed against Russian Ukrainians in the Donbass region in the east starting 2014.

The U.S. hegemony in action

To analyze these phases of United States aggression and hegemony against other nations and sovereign countries we have to understand its structure and nature as the legitimate successor of the European colonial powers who built their monarchies and fortunes out of the third world’s natural resources and slavery for centuries and they are still exploiting it to the maximum, driving it to poverty, and committing war crimes against millions of people in Africa, Middle East, Asia, and Latin America.

The United States created the current world system of unilateralism gradually to continue serving the imperial interests of one percent of the ruling class of the western world at the expense of billions of people around the globe and against the interest of its own people whether in Europe, North America, or people of its subordinate allies elsewhere.

The mentality of western colonial hegemony of the United States over the international organizations such as the United Nations, which was created by the victors of World War Two, including the USA itself, the Soviet Union, China, UK, and France, has been violating the principals of the UN Charter and crippling its role in solving world regional conflicts. On the contrary, the U.S. created massive regional conflicts.

The question here is, as Mr. Lavrov eloquently presented at the UNSC few days ago: Why is the west over-represented in the UN Security Council? Compared to billions in global majority in African countries composing (1.2 billion), Asia (4.56 billion), East Europe (292 million), or Latin America (656 million)? While North America (375 million) and Western Europe (198 million) compose only half a billion people.

The United States has hegemony over global economy through World bank and International Monetary Fund, as financial instruments of hegemony to pressure and exploit third world countries. The USA is imposing its dollar as world currency, which the Reserve Bank does not even back it up by gold or any other valuable metal.

The USA has over 850 military bases pred across 80 Nations, while hindering or threatening China and Russia from attempting to establish any regional economic organizations or even patrolling their own territories such as in the case of Taiwan, intimidating countries, and imposing sanctions against them if they cooperate with the two major powers.

The US imperial military hegemony arm, the NATO, which is stretching over the world, is threatening global security, peace, and prosperity of humanity everywhere.

Since the end of World War Two in 1945, the United States was and still involved in Dozens of military invasions, wars, regime change, destabilization, and assassination of presidents (Libya) outside its borders, the most heinous of which is the ongoing proxy terrorist war since 2011 during what they falsely called the “Arab Spring” against several Arab countries including Libya, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Tunis, Egypt and Lebanon in addition to Afghanistan, Iran and lately Ukraine which is endangering and threatening Europe with a prolonged war that is affecting the world economy tremendously and might slip into world war scenarios.

The United States imperial power is using sanctions not only as a tool of disciplining the political system of disobedient countries who stand up for their sovereignty, but as a way of punishing people and driving them to poverty to excerpt pressure on their political leadership. As of today, the US had imposed sanctions over 33 countries, including Gaza territory, south of occupied Palestine, where over two million people are suffering from Israeli/US and allies’ criminal siege and sanctions.

What can be more convenient for the US/West than this? Why would or should the US even think of giving up its unipolar control over the world? Why would it allow any possibility of sharing all these “hegemonial” privileges with other regional and global major players of the world even though they know its inevitability?

The only answer for the U.S. doctrine of unipolar hegemony, is to impose the multipolarity system by all means possible through cooperation and enhanced relations with third world countries, continental and regional corporations such as the ALPA organization in Latin America, the GCC in the Arab Gulf region, the Arab League, the African Union. This is the only path to global peace, security and prosperity for all continents and nations.

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