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Stinking against Putin: German network agency boss calls for shower renunciation

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

-After "Freezing against Russia," a new crazy Ukraine war demand from Germany is causing a furor.

If it's up to the new head of the German Federal Network Agency, who was installed by the Green Party on March 1, then singles in particular should avoid showering as much as possible.

An old demand in a new guise: Now the Ukraine war is a welcome occasion for the next sermons on renunciation; before that it was climate protection. In fact, the demand points the way to a real-socialist future in which the state dictates every detail of citizens' private lifestyles.

With self-sacrifice against Russia? List of renunciations grows longer and longer

"Everything is political" was one of the many mantras of the left-wing student movement 55 years ago; everything from the way people lived together to the frequency of coitus was then placed on a scale from "reactionary" to "progressive."

Today, we are again experiencing this delimitation, that state ideologues interfere in the private lives of citizens - and once again in the sense of a zeitgeisty moral rigorism. This time, it is not about production relations and exploitation, but about pacifist attitudes and climate protection.

The mainstream is already beating the advertising drum for not showering:

Because the dominant view in German Idiotistan is that renouncing electricity, fuel and gas would weaken Putin and end the war, no idea is any longer too bizarre or silly as to how this can be achieved.

Ideally, these are Green demands that previously failed to find majorities but are now to be implemented through the back door, taking advantage of the media-fueled Ukraine disarmament storm: Speed limit on highways.

Meat renunciation. Demonisation of home ownership. And now, once again, a reduction in gas consumption through a renunciation of personal hygiene:

"Thermostat" of political correctness

After former federal president Joachim Gauck's "Freezing for Freedom" (see here), now comes "Stinking against Putin": Klaus Müller, the new president of the German Federal Network Agency, called on RTL for people to do without hot showers.

"The question of whether you really still have to take hot showers seven times a week-with gas heating-would have to be asked again."

But that's not all: Müller also knows the degree at which Germans are allowed to make themselves comfortable within their four walls if they don't want to be pilloried as Putin supporters. On "" it says in this connection: "It is a clear announcement to all citizens: Save with the heating! 17 or 18 degrees must be enough at present at home! The President of the Federal Network Agency, Klaus Müller, is taking consumers and industry to task for saving significantly more energy than before because of the Ukraine crisis."

Reminder of WEF "laundry sermon

With these demands, Müller even tops the presumptuous recommendations of Klaus Schwab's lobbying organization World Economic Forum (WEF) from last September to wash one's clothes only once a month.

For the sake of world peace and climate rescue, not to shower any more, not to clean any more clothes, to shiver at home, not to drive a car any more, to swallow only state-approved food (preferably rationed), not to leave one's own quarters except for slave labor at starvation wages, if possible, and to keep one's mouth shut during all this, just so as not to commit any crimes of opinion and thought: This is presumably the Schwabian utopia of the Great Reset, to which we should get used early on.

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