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'Special Heroes' | Ridiculous Corona clips from the Merkel Govt cause massive anger

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Three videos from the federal government that government spokesman Steffen Seibert published on Twitter are causing a stir on social media.

The campaign videos are supposed to encourage people to continue complying with corona restrictions and stay at home. However, many users do not find the video positive at all.

Corona video with war rhetoric: The couch as "front"

In one corona video, an older man, called Anton Lehmann, reports how he felt about the corona virus in retrospect. He looks at the pandemic from the future and describes how he experienced the second wave "back in this Corona winter 2020".

"An invisible danger threatened everything we believed in," explains the fictional character Anton Lehmann. With fate suddenly in their hands, they did what was expected of them: “Nothing. Absolutely nothing ”.

The couch is shown as the "front", patience as the "weapon". The video ends with the appeal: “Become a hero too and stay at home. Together against Corona ”.

Shitstorm on Twitter

The Corona videos plays with stories about war experiences that grandparents tell young people in a similar way.

Twitter users are outraged. “I understand the intention. I am maximally irritated because of the war rhetoric. And minimally amused. ”, writes one user, for example.

Another add: "Tasteless and disrespectful to the people who give more than 100 percent in the home office and homeschooling and for everyone who is at the end of their work for others".

Federal government publishes another video

A second video was finally released. It is about Anton Lehmann's fictional wife Luise, who already appears briefly as a pizza delivery person in the first video.

She talks about her relationship with her husband: “We were curious about our future together, but then everything changed. The whole country looked at us young people with hope. We took heart and did nothing. We were moldy at home and met as few people as possible and thus prevented the spread of Covid-19. ”

Also the appeal at the end:“ Become a hero too and stay at home. Together against Corona ”. #besonderehelden also had a negative connotation in the second video.

The pinned tweet by Steffen Seiberts, which was also published with the hashtag #specialhelden, is just as negative. Users comment: "Cynicism towards restaurants, clubs, associations ... pure" or "How ridiculous do you want to make yourself?" In a very short time, the original video got over 15,000 likes and 2,800 comments.

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