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Self-proclaimed "climate rebels" whine about evil VW Group

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Stuck in showrooms, without light and without heating.

Some "heroic climate rebels" have glued themselves to the premises of the Autostadt in Wolfsburg. The VW Group allowed them to glue.

The lights went out at night, the heating went down, and the "rebels" were not given a potty. Now they are whining and crying about the "evil VW Group.

The self-proclaimed "climate rebels" of the so-called "last generation" would like to be whole guys or people*, like true men or people* (I hope this is gender correct).

For their conviction they glue themselves to almost everything that is accessible to them: access roads, paintings, staircases or even exhibition rooms, like now in the Autostadt in Wolfsburg. But woe betide them when they are not given the attention they had hoped for and are virtually ignored. Then there is a lot of whining.

Opinions may well be divided about the economic policy orientation of the VW Group, and for several reasons. In Germany, tens of thousands of jobs are being irretrievably destroyed and only a fraction of that number is being created. In addition, the bigotry of the Group is a scandal. Business with Russia is put on hold for flimsy reasons, but the company sticks very close to the communist dictatorship in Beijing.

On the other hand, the way the "glued-on" people in the auto city are dealt with makes one smile. They have been consistently ignored and simply left sticking, even after the end of official business hours. Outside these hours, the lights in the Autostadt go out and the heating is set to night mode. This means that it is turned down significantly.

The "tough rebels" couldn't deal with that and are now whining about the alleged "inhumane treatment." Indeed, not only have the lights and heating been turned off, but the glimpsed have not even been provided with potties for their human needs. How mean!

It is clear that access to the toilets in the rooms of the Autostadt was possible at all times, as Armin Maus, chairman of the management of the VW Autostadt, makes clear

("With the onset of darkness, the lighting in the park and in the buildings of the Autostadt switches automatically to night mode - the stuck activists have access to the sanitary facilities at all times."), had not been explicitly explained to the "Last Generation" before.

To even come up with this idea is probably beyond the own perception options of those "rebels". And that is why they are howling now:



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