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Russia's resources are still sufficient for several years of war

Updated: Mar 16

Lithuanian intelligence service with shocking news for the West.

According to the Lithuanian intelligence service, Russia is currently in a position to continue the war with Ukraine at the same intensity for several more years without much effort. Ukraine, on the other hand, is already on its last legs.

Intelligence agencies from the U.S. and the U.K. have recently announced through the media that Russia allegedly has problems with material and personnel to be able to continue the war with Ukraine.

This propaganda is contradicted by a report of the Lithuanian secret service reported by Die Welt. This intelligence service namely - Lithuania, unlike the U.S. and Great Britain, directly borders Russia with its national borders - assumes that Russia can continue the war against Ukraine at the same intensity for at least two more years without much effort.

Literally, Colonel Elegijus Paulavicius of Lithuanian intelligence said, "We estimate that the resources Russia has at its disposal today would be enough to fight another two years of war with the same intensity as today."

This is a crushing blow to the propaganda of the collective West, which tries everything to talk Zelensky's troops strong and the Russian army weak.

The facts alone speak a completely different language anyway, but now an allied intelligence service is also breaking away and relentlessly exposing this propaganda.

How badly Zelensky's army is doing can be seen at every supranational meeting where one of his cronies is present. Billions upon billions of money are demanded - along with all kinds of war equipment - so that Zelensky can continue to send his soldiers to certain death.

Because there are no longer enough trained troops, the driving recruiting squads go on the hunt for 16 and 17 year old boys or old men whom they press into military service.

But these "units", thrown together on the model of the "Volkssturm" from September 1944, naturally cannot hold their own against well-trained and well-equipped Russian units.

Russia can continue at this rate for at least two years, says the Lithuanian intelligence report. Ukraine, on the other hand, is already riding on the rim.

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