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Racism against whites [VIDEO]

Updated: May 6, 2021

Unless you've been asleep for the past couple of years, you've been aware of a tsunami of racism directed against white people, said racism being stoked principally by whites who are leftists, if not outright communists.

True, there have been some blacks and some Mexicans who have expressed this racism, but it is principally by leftist whites. Some of these statements by liberals are so bizarre, so disgusting, that one could be excused in thinking they came from certifiable psychotics.

An infuriating thing about conservatives is that many do not fight back. Whether it is being bashed on the head by an Antifa, having one's religious items desecrated in the name of "art," seeing someone burning the country's flag, having one's political sign ripped up, one's political clothing ripped away, or having a lecture being drowned out in chants, the response has been head-shaking with some whining about how liberals should let other people express their views. Letting themselves be victimized is praised as taking "the high road." Not to put too fine a point on it, they've become total wimps.

And when some persons actually do fight back, the response from wimps is that the responders are "sinking to their level." Better to be victimized, they say. It's noble.

Racism against whites works this way: whites are inherently evil, they have caused nothing but destruction and misery, nothing good is possible from them. All hail non-whites! (This actually means blacks and browns; liberals also hate Asians.)

RACE and RACISM | How to turn bias into real racism in America

I know that it is considered to be in bad taste to do so, but since conservatives do not stand up for whites, I will. By my being Hispanic – and since liberals have decreed that speaking the Spanish language qualifies one as being a non-white – I think I can get away with it. Anyway, if anyone is offended by what I'm going to write, I don't care. Pay attention:

All of civilization's advances in the Western hemisphere have come from white people: cars, computers, television, antibiotics, X-rays, airplanes, vaccines, the periodic table, radio, telegraph, toilet paper, the toilet, hospitals, sewers, microwaves, DVDs, CDs, film, cameras, synthetic fibers, naval ships, satellites, pens, pencils, baseball, basketball, rockets, hockey, refrigerators, light bulbs, electricity, paintings, metallurgy, lasers, parachutes...I could go on and on, citing all advances apart from banging two rocks together.

  • What great inventions have come out from Africa? From South America? Name one. Just one.

  • What great abstract philosophical schools have come from those areas? Name one!

  • What great scientific discoveries, what technological innovations, have emerged from Africa or South America?

  • What medical advances have come from those two regions? (True, in Africa, the idea of killing and chopping up albinos and eating their body parts is seen as a medical advancement. So is cutting off a two-year-old girl's clitoris with scissors, and it has been advocated that voodoo should replace "colonialist science").

  • What great mathematicians, physicists, chemists, doctors can you name from Honduras, Ghana, Namibia, El Salvador, Madagascar, Guatemala, Haiti, Togo, Uganda, Panama, Venezuela, or Sudan?

In fact, the same questions can be asked about the Muslim world – with the same answer. Or lack of one.

After more than two centuries, Haiti, Somalia, and Ethiopia still haven't even come up with a sewer outside select areas of the capitals. This, in spite of billions of dollars thrown yearly into the countries for "economic development" and "humanitarian aid."

In short, if civilization had been left up to the Africans, we would still be living in caves and huts. The same if it hadn't been for colonialism. We forget that the people of North America, sub-Saharan Africa, Australia, and most of South America were still in the Stone Age when whites first encountered them.

Since the New York Times has seen fit to endorse racism by hiring Sarah Jeong, maybe she can rebut the above. After all, she wrote, "I dare you to get on Wikipedia and play 'Things white people can definitely take credit for,' it's really hard."

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