Poland expresses intention to create 'strongest' army in Europe amid Russia-Ukraine war

Polish Defense Minister stated that in order to deter opponents like Russia, Poland has to become militarily strong in order to protect itself.

Polish Minister of Defense Mariusz Blaszczak said that his country wants to create the strongest land forces among European NATO countries. The minister asserted Poland's intentions in an interview with Sieci magazine, excerpts of which were published on Sunday. The Defence Minister also stated that neighboring country Russia and its ally Belarus needs to be deterred with a powerful military and therefore, Poland is preparing itself to become large and strong enough to deter “aggressors”.

"The Polish army must be so numerous and so strong that its very existence scares away the aggressor. Kremlin potentates do not attack the strong, they attack when they see weakness," Blaszczak was quoted as saying.

Further, he said that Poland will receive the first Patriot anti-aircraft guns this year, which were ordered in 2018. While earlier in June, Polish President Andrzej Duda said that the country also plans to receive a certain number of Leopard tanks from Germany to furnish its weapons stock. He added that Poland also has Perun anti-aircraft missile systems, which have proven themselves in the war in Ukraine.

Poland’s ambitious military plans

Blaszczak, in the interview, stated that in order to deter opponents like Russia that have the capability to perform high-precision strikes, Poland has to become militarily strong. In order to achieve this target, Poland is trying to replenish its weapon stockpiles after it transferred over 200 Soviet-era T-72 tanks to Ukraine to continue its fight with Russia.

Blaszczak last week also announced the purchase of 116 used M1 Abrams main battle tanks from the US. Other than this, he also announced a separate deal to procure 250 new tanks.

Poland readies itself after Russia's invasion of Ukraine

After Russia attacked Ukraine militarily, the citizens of Poland are actively joining their nation's military and packing shooting ranges in case they need to defend their country from Russia. Despite Poland's membership in NATO, the country is preparing to create a strong and powerful army to protect itself if Russia invades its borders.

Notably, Russian invasion of Ukraine has changed the way European countries think about their defense, especially countries in the east.


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