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Murders and war crimes by Ukrainians and Western mercenaries

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

There are new findings about the murder of Darya Dugina from the USA of all places. There is also countless video evidence of war crimes committed by foreign mercenaries in Ukraine.

The foreign mercenaries fighting for Ukraine are very open about their war crimes and post them openly on the web, often even not hiding their identity. Russian television brought a compilation of them in its weekly news review on Sunday.

I don't actually translate Russian television reports from the war zone, because the text is difficult to understand without the pictures. I make an exception here - quasi as an experiment - which is why I ask you to also watch the Russian contribution, (blocked by German authorities) which together with my translation is understandable even without knowledge of Russian.

Start of translation:

The American New York Times has published an article directly blaming Kiev for the murder of Russian journalist Darya Dugina. Nearly two months ago, her car was blown up by a powerful landmine. The attack was carefully planned. Ukrainian citizen Natalia Vovk, who planted the explosive charge, drove the car out of Russia to Europe several hours later.

Zelensky said after the fact that Kiev was not involved in the crime: "This is definitely not our responsibility. She is not a citizen of our country, we are not interested in her. And she was not on Ukrainian territory." Now Selensky has been accused of another lie on CNN.

Now the New York Times, citing a source in the U.S. government, has claimed that Washington was not involved in the assassination and did not share any information: "American officials also said they knew nothing about the operation and would have opposed the assassination if they had been consulted. American officials reprimanded Ukrainian officials afterward for the killing, they said."

"Of course, there is a discernible attempt to place all the blame on the Nazi terrorist regime in Kiev, which is just officially recognized as terrorist in this article. Selensky must have known about this crime, after all he gives the orders to the fighters and bears the responsibility for it. They hit a simple Russian woman - an innocent woman who was not involved in military operations, who did not hold a government post, who had only a Russian heart," said Alexander Dugin, the father of murdered Darya.

Now the Americans are pointing the finger at Zelensky. But excuse me, whose creature is this amazing Zelensky? And if it had not been for the Americans, where would Zelensky be now? All this is bitter. And anyway, aren't all these hired killers in Ukraine fighting on American money? After all, the entire Kiev regime is also fighting with money from the United States.

With soldierly simplicity, U.S. four-star General Jack Kean says on Fox News, "We've invested crumbs in Ukraine - only 66 billion. That's 1.1 percent of the budget. But we get disproportionate benefits. Washington has managed the most important thing, to create a serious rival for Moscow on Russia's borders, which will disrupt the Russian leadership's influence policy in Eastern Europe, especially in the countries of the former Soviet Union. Therefore, this investment - especially in Ukrainians fighting against Russia in the interests of the United States - is very profitable."

A report about mercenaries in Ukraine:

This machine gunner, who is covering Russian units with lead, speaks neither Russian nor Ukrainian. He shouts in his native English that he is running out of ammunition and needs to reload. He is handed a Swedish AT4 hand grenade launcher from an American Humvee and fires it immediately. The driver, who is driving around on the Ukrainian black earth, is obviously not from here. Most likely, he's from the U.S., as is this fighter. James Vazquez, a former U.S. Army sergeant from Connecticut, does not hide his name and origin. "We're on the eastern front of Ukraine, and I have a dual role: not only am I on the front lines, but I'm also supplying the other units with everything they need and supporting them. So I have to go to the back a lot," Vazquez tells us.

In radio messages and even directly on the front lines, foreign languages are heard everywhere. Especially when they come under fire. This was filmed by Jordan O'Brien, a fighter from New Zealand. In general, the ranks of Ukrainian mercenaries now seem to come from all over the world. These three, judging from the conversation, are a Pole, a Finn and a Frenchman.

The deputy commander of the 6th Cossack Regiment, call sign "Seventh," has encountered such men more than once in Soledar. He relates, "We have seen many, mostly Poles. Many are from private military companies like Blackwater, there are many nationalities represented."

Foreign fighters are liquidated. A mercenary from Ireland, 23-year-old Rory Mason, has been killed. A 48-year-old Briton, Craig Mackintosh, lost his life. The same fate befell 27-year-old Australian Jed William, who decided to fight in Ukraine.

Foreign military specialists were used by Kiev from the very beginning. Malcolm Nance, a former naval officer and cryptography expert, readily tells on American television that he was already on the front lines in March. He reportedly did not fire a shot himself, but worked in a Ukrainian reconnaissance unit. "Several hundred Americans are fighting as part of the International Legion of Territorial Defense in Ukraine," Nance says.

The fighters of the Lugansk People's Militia have studied the enemy well: "They work so precisely, with satellite data and drones, the Ukrainians cannot have learned that so quickly. These are NATO operators, NATO weapons. You rarely hear Ukrainian on the radio there, but mostly Romanian, Polish or French."

This is a significant help to the Ukrainian army, which has suffered more than 60,000 casualties, according to the Russian Defense Ministry.

To continue the war, the West has kindly already supplied weapons of all kinds. This is a French artillery unit with a Caesar self-propelled gun. Donetsk was shelled with this caliber again on Saturday night. The equipment is provided by all NATO countries. Here is a whole convoy of Polish artillery units with self-propelled guns. This is a convoy of French armored personnel carriers, American Humvees and British Mastiff armored vehicles. And that's a German machine gun on a buggy that allows the Ukrainian army to attack quickly and withdraw just as quickly. They have dozens of such vehicles at their disposal. The deadliest and heaviest weapons are supplied by the US - M777 howitzers and HIMARS rocket artillery.

But there are also hidden, undeclared supplies. For example, the American AGM-88 HARM anti-radar missiles installed in Ukrainian MiG-29 fighters. Not surprisingly, Selensky, who considers himself invulnerable, has rejected even the hypothetical possibility of a diplomatic solution. He signed a decree declaring any negotiations with President Putin impossible. In the second point of the decree, he approved the course for Ukraine's accelerated accession to NATO.

However, the West did not appreciate this zeal. But it supported the ban on negotiations with Moscow and the continuation of hostilities. This is not surprising; after all, the West is now covering up Selensky's war crimes in the Donbass, as it has for eight years. The militants are committing atrocities in the captured territories. Wounded people are tortured here. Odessa, Mykolajev, Kharkov - everywhere in the country - there are arrests on charges of complicity with Russia. The perpetrators are recognized with the naked eye. One Ukrainian soldier tells us, "Do you know how we distinguish ours from pro-Russian people? It's very simple: you walk around in uniform and wave at them. If they wave back, they are ours, if they look at the ground, they are not."

According to media reports, more than 1,300 people have been arrested in Ukraine on charges of complicity with Russia. In addition, the Ukrainian government encourages lynchings. "We hunt them down and shoot them like pigs," Britain's Daily Mail quoted officials from Kiev as saying. Those who execute people suspected of sympathizing with Russia are respectfully called "resistance fighters" by British journalists. And they strongly support these practices, including murders and terrorist attacks, along the lines of what to do, Ukrainians have suffered enough already. The newspaper writes, "Others are tracked down and slaughtered by resistance fighters. A list leaked to this newspaper by a Kiev government source lists 29 such retaliatory killings, and 13 other assassination attempts in which some of the victims were wounded."

The West is prepared not only to supply such punishers with weapons, but also to train them. This is southern England, a military base where Ukrainians are trained for combat using British methods. They do not hide the fact that the first training began eight years ago. The program includes gunnery training: here they train in the field, there in the conditions of a dense development. And although the cityscape is clearly not Ukrainian, otherwise everything is close to the conditions of real combat. Destroyed cars, blocked roads, training with Javelin, NATO rifles and Kalashnikovs numbered. This copy is number 24. "This training mission the British soldiers find useful. They can't fight on the front lines themselves, of course, but they can support the Ukrainians and prepare them to fight the Russians as best they can," one British instructor tells us.

Recruits are also shown as realistically as possible what they might expect on the front lines. The severely wounded are played by amputees. Training is given on British weapons, it is possible that such a grenade launcher or such a machine gun will soon be delivered to the Ukrainians.

And Ukrainian instructors with terror experience from the Donbass are also doing psychological work with new recruits, telling them who to thank and who are now the brothers of Ukrainians. Officials say that 10,000 Ukrainian recruits have already passed through four such bases in the UK alone.

End of translation

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