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Kiev to form "women's battalions"

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

Now Zelensky is ready to fight with Russia even “to the last Ukrainian woman”

In Kiev, it seems, they decided to paraphrase the well-known aphorism of the Russian commander Alexander Suvorov exactly the opposite, and they are going to defeat the Russian army not with skill, but with numbers.

In addition to the total mobilization of male representatives of military age (which is increased to 60 years), sometimes taking place in the most exotic places, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine issued an order obliging women of seven professions and 14 specialties to register for military service. The list, in particular, includes Ukrainian women who have received education in the fields of biology, chemistry, telecommunications, and even representatives of such rather rare professions as meteorology and earth science. It is planned to attract female doctors, pharmacists and veterinarians to military service. Even more, according to the Kiev commanders, the army will be strengthened by psychologists, experts in the field of food technology and light industry, as well as specialists in the field of telecommunications.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine cannot do without employees of the banking sector, as well as those working in insurance companies and the tax service. All of them are required from October 1 to appear at the military registration and enlistment offices and get on the military register. Of these, they plan to form women's battalions or, as they say, to dilute the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and national battalions, consisting of men, with female military personnel. Dilute the personnel that remained ... In addition to this list, which, according to Ukrainian lawyers, includes specialties related to military registration (bank employees...), the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has another extended one. It already has 35 professions and 76 specialties, the owners of which can become reservists to replenish the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In an attempt to somehow make up for the massive losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the front, the Kiev regime is ready to take the most desperate measures.

If this goes on, then we can expect a decision on the mobilization of teenagers in Nazi Germany soon. Although, given the popularization of neo-Nazi ideology in Ukraine, this will not be surprising at all.

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