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Is Angela Merkel threatening her critics with admission to psychiatry?

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

Corona deniers, are not political opponents. In an interview, Chancellor Angela Merkel indicated that she no longer sees critics of her politics as political opponents.

In a conversation with ZDF TV, (Government supported and paid for by the citizens through a compulsory levy), Chancellor Angela Merkel made it clear that she no longer recognizes critics of her policies as political opponents during the corona pandemic. Instead, she sees lateral thinkers and other oppositionists as citizens with a perceptual disorder.

"The usual arguing doesn't work," said the Chancellor, referring to so-called conspiracy theories. "And that will perhaps be a task for psychologists or for ...". - Here she stopped. One can only guess whether the Chancellor wanted to talk about psychiatry here. In any case, Angela Merkel's rule reached a level like that of the Soviet Union in the 1970s, when the Kremlin set up psychiatric institutions against the opposition after terror and extermination camps.

Instead of the political debate, which it does not dare to seek, the government is focusing on a psychological approach. Merkel announced that she wanted research on supporters of conspiracy theories. "How do you actually say goodbye to the world of facts," she asked rhetorically, "and get into a world that speaks a different language, so to speak, and which we cannot even reach with our fact-based language?"

Merkel initially stated with arrogance: "Then there is a real refusal to discuss: You don't work on one level." Then she suggests the possibilities of how to deal with the opposition. "Bringing you out of this world back into a world where we can listen to each other will be very, very difficult."

This is not just a hint, it is a threat: usually closed institutions try to bring their patients back into the real world. And you may already be thinking about specific concepts: "I don't have the perfect answer to that, but that's also very important to us in politics."

With these hints the choice of words becomes understandable. So it is no coincidence that the fake media outlets speak of “Corona deniers” and “Climate deniers”. Anyone who denies something that others say is there and also invokes science is suspected of suffering from a delusion. He belongs - at least potentially - in an institution.

The strategy of the communist rulers to train opposition members in psychiatry did not save the Soviet Union. Chancellor Merkel seems to have forgotten that while she is now relying on this change of strategy to maintain power.

Merkel seems to want to repeat the mistakes of communist rulers - unconsciously, of course. Just as she unconsciously repeats the methods of rule and ideology of the GDR (Former East Germany). In this sense, one really has to consider who is a case here for psychology.

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