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“Insane Putin” | The Globalists' misinformation game

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Ever since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Western public has been bombarded with claims that Russian President Vladimir Putin is some lunatic.

This idea is being spread feverishly by the establishment and those who pay it: the political class, the media and commentariat, career diplomats and technocrats, and those associated with the security and intelligence communities, writes Larry Romanoff.

The most remarkable thing about Mad Vlad's claim is that it is clearly false. Whatever Vladimir Putin may be, he is certainly not an irrational lunatic. That should be obvious to anyone with eyes.

As a former KGB agent, Vladimir Putin is a cunning man with proven abilities. After all, he succeeded in bringing control and order to a great country that was largely in disarray when he took over at the age of 48. He has handily managed to keep himself in power for more than two decades, enduring and overcoming a number of crises and challenges along the way. Through it all, he has shown himself to be intelligent, strong-willed, calculating, shrewd, self-controlled, determined, cunning, and patient.

These are hardly the qualities of a lunatic.

We have dealt with Putin for 22 years, and during all that time no one has seriously suggested or maintained that he was crazy. On the contrary, for nearly a decade after his emergence, he was regarded as an able man of considerable talent.

For years, the Western establishment viewed Putin as a “man we could do business with.” He was seen as a "liberal, humane and decent European." He was described as having "a watchful, collected demeanor" and "a well-informed acumen," who was open to anything, even "Russia's entry into NATO."

And yet, less than a year ago, on the day he invaded Ukraine, Vladimir Putin was almost unanimously – against all evidence – declared “crazy” by members of the Western establishment.

The question is this: Why did they suddenly decide to gaslight and brainwash the people with such an obvious lie, which is so clearly contrary to reality?

They did this to hide and cover up the gigantic blunder they committed over Ukraine. By convincing the public that Putin is a madman, they can portray his move to Ukraine as an irrational, unexpected, impulsive, and unjustifiable act of an unbalanced mind. Nothing is less true. Putin's move was not irrational, impulsive, or unjustifiable. And it certainly wasn't unexpected.

For years, Putin had warned that bringing Ukraine into NATO was a red line for Russia. It shouldn't be hard to understand his point of view. It is not unreasonable for Russia to object to the presence of what it considers a hostile military alliance on its border with a country that has historically been either part of Russia or within its sphere of influence. Russia does not want to allow such a threat to its security, for similar reasons as the United States would not allow Russia to build a military base in Cuba.

However, in their pursuit of a New World Order, Western globalists have pushed aside Russia's concerns about its security. Russia has continued with its vehement objections, warning that if they were not taken seriously, they would take the necessary measures to keep Ukraine out of NATO. The last time Russia made this clear was in November of last year.

This is how Wikipedia describes this occasion :

“On November 30, 2021, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that an expansion of NATO's presence in Ukraine, in particular the deployment of long-range missiles capable of hitting Russian cities or missile defense systems similar to those in Romania and Poland, would benefit Russia would be a “red line” issue. Putin asked U.S. President Joe Biden for legal guarantees that NATO would not expand eastward or “place weapons systems that threaten us in close proximity to Russian territory.”

Want to know what response Putin got to his legitimate security concerns? It was given by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. This is what he said to Putin:

“It is only Ukraine and 30 NATO allies who will decide when Ukraine is ready to join NATO. Russia has no veto, Russia has no say, and Russia has no right to establish a sphere of influence to try and control their neighbors.”

Do you understand the insult and humiliation of this answer? Not only did the pompous globalist Stoltenberg refuse to comment on Russia's security fears, but he also implied that tiny countries like North Macedonia, Portugal - which happen to be members of NATO - have more to say than Russia on whether a large country on its border joins the alliance.

After riding their populations with their lockdowns and their vaccine regimen for nearly two years, the Western globalists became arrogant, controlling and overconfident. They lost touch with reality and assumed that everyone would submit to their chicanery, just as their own docile populations obeyed their arbitrary edicts and mandates.

Putin, however, would not bow to the chicanery of the globalists and did exactly what he had been warning about for years if Russia's concerns were not properly addressed: He invaded Ukraine to stop NATO's expansion in the country he almost Shares 1000 kilometers of border, and which once housed the capital of Russia.

The invasion of Ukraine was a pre-announced, rational act by a strongman who felt increasingly surrounded and threatened by what he perceives as an antagonistic military bloc.

Putin's move came as a great shock to the Western elites, who could not have imagined that someone would oppose them in such a bold way. Completely unprepared for the obvious, they panicked when they realized how many innocent lives could be lost due to their incompetence and pomposity.

When the Russian tanks rolled into Ukraine, Putin exposed the hubris and ineptitude of the globalists. As the Russian army advanced rapidly through the vast expanses of that country, the shocked elitists were nowhere to be seen. It was only the heartbreaking courage of the Ukrainian people that saved them from complete exposure and humiliation.

And it is at this juncture that their patently absurd “Putin is crazy” misinformation game comes into play.

The “Putin is mad” canard is designed to shift the blame for the Ukrainian tragedy onto the supposedly irrational act of a “crazy” man in the eyes of the public, rather than assigning it to the right people: the domineering, domineering, arrogant Western globalists who have treated with contempt the legitimate security concerns of a major nuclear power.

In Putin they found reality in the form of a cunning and shrewd strongman, who would not yield to their edicts and hollow pronouncements in the submissive manner they had come to expect from their own beleaguered populations.

They were shaken awake. For two years the pompous globalists had enriched themselves as they tormented the peoples of the world with their useless and destructive lockdowns and dangerous and largely ineffective injections. If you think this is grossly exaggerated, read this from Yahoo News :

“Lockdowns during the first wave of COVID-19 in spring 2020 only reduced COVID-19 deaths in the US and Europe by 0.2%, according to a meta-analysis of several studies by Johns Hopkins University. “While this meta-analysis concludes that lockdowns have had little or no impact on public health, they have caused enormous economic and social costs where they have been applied,” the researchers wrote. “Consequently, the lockdown policy is ill-founded and should be rejected as a policy tool for a pandemic.” The researchers – Johns Hopkins University economics professor Steve Hanke, Lund University economics professor Lars Jonung,

While the people suffered from their nonsensical edicts, the globalists continued to amass untold wealth. Check out this CNN headline: “As Millions Plunge into Poverty During the Pandemic, Billionaires’ Wealth Rise.”

Greedy for more and more money, the globalists tried to pull Ukraine into their World Order so they could suck money out of it to further line their own pockets. They have been led the way by none other than Globalist-in-Chief Joe Biden, whose family has already funneled millions of dollars out of Ukraine through his son Hunter.

It is entirely in character that Biden is also a Covid zealot par excellence, forcing millions of reluctant Americans to take the Covid injections by pressuring employers to institute illegal mandates.

Now the arrogance and ruthlessness of the globalists have brought us into the Ukrainian crisis, where we may be threatened with nuclear war.

The villains as they always are, these wreckers have already managed to blame it all on the Mad Vlad.

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