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Increased use of firearms by Dutch police [VIDEO]

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

In the Netherlands too, the Dutch liberal "Fake News Media“ are doing the best they can to discredit the police force, even reporting that the police have increased their use of firearms.

It's good to know that the numbers are exaggerated, compaired to the official numbers at the end of this article. Also good to know is that the Dutch police doesn't give a damn about their opinion and so don't most of the Dutch citizens.

In the video below you can watch that they [Dutch citizens] agree with their attitude. When the police is arresting a person, there is no commotion, no verbal abuse, no spitting or even attacking the police. Spectators stand around and just enjoy their show.

Some liberal groups claim that using their firearms is being actively encouraged by police chiefs and the development has not been substantially criticised in the media.

Many "Human Rights“ group are monitoring the police, but there has been little public outcry at the situation, though "reports“ in the left national newspaper 'De Volkskrant' tell us that, police officers are very much encouraged to use their weapons more often.

'Raad van Korpschefs', a spokesperson for the council of Police Chiefs, is 'falsely' quoted by the newspaper as saying: “in the past we were reluctant with violence. Nowadays we say: “Be quicker in drawing your gun and show it as a menace, fire a warning shot if necessary...If that does not produce the necessary effect, you [may] shoot.”

According to 'De Volkskrant' this is part of developments in the Netherlands in which police are forced “to act more decisively.”

Personal attacks are on the rise in the Netherlands. Recent examples of serious attacks against police officers by “non-violent activists“, indicate that a certain group in the population, mostly with migrant background, is responsible for them. Immigrants flooding the country from the Middle East and North Africa, are increasingly losing respect for basic civil and human rights due to their refusal to integrate.

Then there are the 'Fake News Media' telling about an incident involving the violent arrest of a drunk Latvian man in Rotterdam in June 2012.

The media reported that the man, who was lying prostrate on the ground, was first pepper-sprayed and then repeatedly kicked, even though he did not show any aggression towards the police officers.

The commotion was caused by a bystander who recorded incident and posted the footage on a social media website, which caused a considerable scandal and a debate in the Rotterdam city council.

An investigation by the Public Prosecutor’s Office (Openbaar Ministerie, OM) found that the police officers had done nothing wrong and therefore would not be prosecuted. According to the OM, their “conduct was according to their instructions on the proper use of force”, as the man had been resisting arrest, insulting and hitting the officers, but this had occurred before the filming had started.

In the city council an overwhelming majority (with only the Green-Left opposing) subsequently decided that the police officers had been unjustly portrayed by a negative media and that they should be sent a bouquet of flowers, for a job well done, instead.

This incident is one of many examples how the "Fake News Media“ are trying to influence the public opinion by doctored reports and videos, and put the police in a bad daylight.

‘Security’ is a major theme, not only in Dutch society. When thing are going well, “Official“ statistics show that crime rates are falling since 2000.

At election time all of the major political parties make ‘security’ one of their top priorities and commit to increase spending on policing and ‘combating crime’, because many members of the public feel vulnerable and demand law and order measures.

One police chief explained in straightforward language a few years ago in answer to complaints that the police were too violent: “If people keep asking for more police on the streets (‘Meer Blauw op Straat’ - “More Blue [uniforms] on the Street”) is a common expression for increasing police numbers, they should not be surprised that the police will act.”

Police shootings

Despite “devastating“ reports from the Left in the media, shooting incidents are remarkably low in the 17Million country:

  • 2009 Registered incidents 23 Killed 3 Injured 27

  • 2010 Registered incidents 25 Killed 3 Injured 24

  • 2011 Registered incidents 30 Killed 5 Injured 29

  • 2012 Registered incidents 24 Killed 5 Injured 19

  • 2013 Registered incidents 33 Killed 2 Injured 31

  • 2014 Registered incidents 33 Killed 2 Injured 31

  • 2015 Registered incidents 30 Killed 0 Injured 29

  • 2016 Registered incidents 34 Killed 4 Injured 33

  • 2017 Registered incidents 34 Killed 4 Injured 33

  • 2018 Registered incidents 27 Killed 3 Injured 26

  • 2019 Registered incidents 16 Killed 4 Injured 12

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