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German Bundeswehr [Federal Armed Forces] are training for domestic operations since last December

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

-Berlin's coalition can't get a grip on any of the current problems. Prices are rising, new taxes and levies are being imposed, and the Corona coercive measures keep coming up.

Does the coalition fear uprisings?

The Bundeswehr has already been training for domestic missions since last December.

The task of the Bundeswehr is to protect the borders of the Federal Republic of Germany to the outside world.

For the inward protection of the border there is the Federal Police and for the maintenance of internal security there are the state police forces.

This division has existed since the founding of the Federal Republic of Germany and the founding of the Bundeswehr, respectively, and the country has always done quite well with this separation.

Of course, there have been requests for administrative assistance here and there, where one institution has helped out the other. But those were exceptions.

Now, however, it seems that the Berlin coalition wants to turn the exception into rule. Since last December, military police (the Bundeswehr's police force) and other units have been training for domestic operations. For this purpose, five "homeland security regiments" are to be set up, as the Bundeswehr reports on its own website.

It literally says: "This special training consists of two parts. One part is the acquisition of extended knowledge for use in the context of general security tasks and object protection tasks, as well as training and use of hand guns P8 pistol, machine gun MG 3 and the Panzerfaust..."

Security and property protection are tasks of the general police authorities or the law enforcement police. They are certainly not tasks of the Bundeswehr.

As you can see in the video, which we have since last December, Bundeswehr soldiers are training tactics for use against demonstrators. Are they already practicing for the uprisings in the country announced by Interior Minister Nancy Faeser?

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