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Fuck The Cops | How decent Germans became Antifa accomplices through contribution payment [VIDEO]

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

It is outrageous how much dirt is washed up to the surface of the German public broadcasting service after this compulsory-financed puddle has been whirled up by the unspeakable "Fick die Cops“ song.

In 2018, the Nord Deutsche Rundfunk (NDR ) let a choir sing - "Fick die Cops" which became a great "success" and already has 320,000+ views on Facebook, that means 320,000+ brains of young people infected with the worst kind of Antifa propaganda - at the expense of the fee payer.

This piece of work was produced by 'funk'. According to Wikipedia, funk is a German online media service and content network of ARD and ZDF for young people and young adults between the ages of 14 and 29. ARD and ZDF are joint providers and equal broadcasters of the work.

Listening to the text, you start wondering whether the public broadcasting service is convinced it can act completely undisturbed in the lawless, left-ideological space.

The bad thing is, it seems they can. The responsibility for this shameful act bears the Südwestrundfunk (SWR), following the credits of the video we discover that the NDR is also involved: Inconceivable:

The target group of the project is the youth.

It's unbelievable that German taxpayers are OBLIGED to pay fees for public Antifa Sing Along, indoctrination of the youth and insulting to entire German population and professions.

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