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Footage shot by GOP Senator shows illegal migrants streaming across southern border [VIDEO]

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

[493] Migrants are swarming through the incomplete portions of President Trump's border wall, left unfinished by the Biden regime.

Disturbing footage shot from a helicopter by a sitting GOP Senator shows multiple groups of illegal migrants streaming across a Texas portion of the U.S.-Mexico border amid a growing national security crisis throughout the southern border region.

Recorded on an aerial ride along with some of America’s front line protectors, Sen. Roger Marshall can be seen pointing out various landmarks around the border region, including a thick patch of brush in Mexican territory that Border Patrol agents say is hiding spot and gathering point frequented by prospective illegal aliens – including unaccompanied children – and the human smuggling coyotes guiding them to the American border.

As the helicopter pilot takes viewers on a video tour of the border region, gaps in portions of newly-built border wall and abandoned construction vehicles dot the landscape, a casualty of the Biden regime’s open border policies.

As the video plays out, the camera catches a group of illegal migrants strolling towards the American border before spotting a number of other similar groups both larger and smaller in size. At one point, a pair of vehicles are seen parked along the banks of the Rio Grande, as a coordinated effort to cross onto American soil appears underway.

Illegal migrants crossing U.S.-Mexico border

Eventually, a group of migrants is ferried across the river and into the United States by boat, met at the border with no resistance.

The caught-on-camera breach of America’s borders represents just one of many such instances, which have returned to commonality amidst a ban on deportations. According to widely reported stories, groups of migrants even began streaming into the United States in anticipation of Biden’s installation as President, banking on his vow to halt the deportation process.

The situation has quickly turned to yet another border crisis. In all of 2020, agents along the Texas border apprehended 90,000 migrants attempting to enter the United States illegally. After the administration change in Washington, illegal crossings have shot off the charts, with agents reportedly apprehending over 100,000 illegal migrants in just the first two months of 2021.

It has become so dire in fact, that soldiers of the Texas National Guard have been deployed by their state to assist Border Patrol agents in the defense of America.

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