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Egypt looks forward to ‘End of Hamas,’ the ‘Main Obstacle to Peace’

“The Jews have been in this land since the days of the Prophet Abraham. This is their land."

Spot Shot is an online Lebanese TV station that has several hundred thousand followers on YouTube and Facebook. They had an interview with Dr. Magdi Khalil, an Egyptian political scientist, where he said things that were ....sane.


In an interview on “Spotshot” within the “Point of View” program, Khalil said: “Asymmetric wars are very complex wars and take time, and Israel has so far killed more than 8,500 Hamas fighters and destroyed all of its military structure in the north.”


He added, "In all wars, a large number of civilians are killed more than military personnel, especially in asymmetric wars. This is normal when an army faces a military militia in densely populated cities, where this militia lives underground and under hospitals and schools. I say this with my regret for the loss of life." 


He said that "Lebanon is controlled by Hezbollah, which operates under an Iranian agenda, and Israel is ready for peace with Lebanon, but what it rejects is Hezbollah, which is using the conflict with Israel in order to control the Lebanese interior, and Iran is feeding the party in order to use it in its major battle."


He pointed out that "Hezbollah is not authorized to negotiate with Israel. This is the task of the Lebanese state, which must first negotiate with Syria about the ownership of the Shebaa Farms, and then with Israel to close this file, but Hezbollah does not want that, and it controls the entire state politically, economically and everything else, which is the main burden on Lebanon.”

He added, "Force, weapons, and imposing a fait accompli is not legitimate. If the party gives up its weapons, its actual political size will appear. Israel assaulted Lebanon after it turned into a theater for the Palestine Liberation Organization. If the Lebanese state adheres to neutrality, it will not have a problem with Israel."


He explained, "Israel is a state recognized globally and by the United Nations and cannot be removed. I call for liberation from two illusions in the Arab imagination. The first is the illusion that God promised to eliminate Israel, and the second is to completely expel the Jews from this region.”

He continued, "The Palestinian issue, as defined by the United Nations in 1947, is a land dispute between Jews and Arabs. Therefore, the decision came with a state for the Jews and a state for the Arabs. The Arabs rejected the partition decision and then refused to join Camp David and everything after that.


Those who did not adhere to the Oslo Accords were the Palestinians. They are themselves at the hands of Hamas and evil forces that do not want a solution to the Palestinian issue. They have destroyed all chances for peace and caused the Israeli right to come to power in Israel. There is no solution to this issue except through peaceful negotiations.”


He expressed his optimism that a solution would be reached immediately after the end of the war and after the end of Hamas, the main obstacle to peace, “since serious peace talks will begin to reach a demilitarized Palestinian state under security supervision by Israel for years, but there is not yet a qualified party to enter into these negotiations.”


He stressed that "Israel announced its endeavor to eliminate everyone involved in the Al-Aqsa Flood operation, as it did previously after the Munich operation in 1972. It has reactivated the assassination squad and the spy teams that had been neglected, and will carry out many assassinations."


He called for "Arab vigilance so that the Arabs know who their real enemy is. ...Iran, through its arms inside the Arab countries, has destroyed these countries without affecting anything inside them."


Khalil concluded by saying, “The Jews have been in this land since the days of the Prophet Abraham. This is their land, even if their number decreases or increases according to persecution. The region has not been devoid of them throughout history, and there was no state called Palestine and no Palestinian people. "


It is a breath of fresh air to see an Arab, speaking Arabic on an Arab TV station, saying things that are ...normal.

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