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Dutch PM Mark Rutte backstabbing the farmers

Updated: Mar 13

Farmer protests in the Netherlands against the threat of expropriation by the Rutte government continue.

The country's population is siding with the farmers. Their expropriation would be "the beginning of the expropriation of private property on a large scale," says legal philosopher Raisa Blommestijn.

In the Netherlands, farmers' protests against the policies of the government of Merkel's friend Rutte continue. Farmers are threatened with expropriation as a result of the controversial emissions concept that is directed against them.

In this way, Rutte is not only turning the country's farmers against him, but also the country's population. The latter, in fact, declares solidarity with its farmers and supports their protest actions.

Legal philosopher Raisa Blommestijn puts it in a nutshell: "The farmers deserve all our support: if they are expropriated, this is the beginning of the expropriation of private property on a large scale. Ultimately, this affects all of us."

Robert Jensen, a well-known TV host in the Netherlands also sides with the protest movement, "What stupid, stupid people who don't see the danger to themselves when farmers disappear. Nor do they see the danger of economic disaster from closures. Vaccinations, face masks, it's all part of it. The 'look how good we still have it' morons!"

The Rutte government, on the other hand, is pursuing a policy of window dressing. Outwardly, it claims to be ready for talks and sends a "neutral" mediator, Johan Remkes. But he is flatly rejected by the farmers' associations because he himself worked on the emissions concept. In fact, Rutte is backstabbing the farmers.

Individual provincial governments are already following Rutte's instructions and want to implement the nitrogen policy. In South Holland, cattle breeding is to be abolished.

That's what the provincial referee there quietly decided on the first day of the parliamentary summer recess, says Wybren van Haga, a member of parliament and chairman of the BVNL (Belang van Nederland - Meaning of the Netherlands) party.

"The prime minister is talking to farmers on stage, but in the meantime the policy of evicting farmers from their land is secretly continuing. Just look at South Holland, where under the leadership of the VVD the noose is being tightened around the necks of farmers."

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