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CIA targets Russians in Turkey

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

New financial conspiracy?

Under the pretext of monitoring the sanctions imposed on Russia, the US has begun to threaten both Turkey and Turkish businessmen, violating all political and diplomatic conventions.

According to information obtained by Yeni Şafak, a CIA officer tried to find out the size of the trade by asking questions such as "How many houses did you sell to Russians, how did you collect the money?" to businessmen from the housing sector.

Under the guise of monitoring the sanctions imposed on Russia, the US engaged in espionage in Turkey. Interfering in matters that were none of its business, the US authorities overstepped their bounds and attempted to interrogate Turkish businessmen. In meetings attended by the Turkish chief of the CIA, the US intelligence service, they dared to threaten Turkish businessmen about trade with Russia.

How many houses have you sold to Russians?

It was learned that the CIA Turkey Chief called the officials of construction companies that are prominent in the housing purchases that Russians have turned to in recent months and openly threatened them. A CIA officer asked the businessmen from the housing sector, "How many houses have you sold to Russians?", "In which currency did you collect the price of the houses you sold?", "Through which channel did they make the payment? Did you receive the money in hand or did they pay you through a bank?"

Threatening letter received

Another overstepping step by the US authorities was sending a letter to TÜSİAD (Turkish Industry and Business Associaron). The threatening letter sent by US Deputy Treasury Secretary Wally Adeyemo to TÜSİAD, which was made public, is also considered within this framework. It was revealed that Adeyemo threatened to impose sanctions on TÜSİAD members who trade with Russia in his letter dated August 22. TÜSİAD, which confirmed the letter, did not provide information about the content.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs only announced that it had informed the Ministry of Treasury and Finance and the Ministry of Trade. It is reported that the US Treasury Department was not satisfied with the letter, but also held various meetings with TÜSİAD members.

CIA spies gathering information

In June, Adeyemo came to Turkey and met with Deputy Minister of Treasury and Finance Yunus Elitaş in Ankara. In a two-hour meeting on June 23, the two deputy ministers reportedly discussed technical and economic cooperation in the fight against financial crimes.

Second meeting by phone

Adeyemo's second publicized meeting with Elitaş took place by phone last Friday. Adeyemo's second contact with Ankara was more noisy. It is known that US embassy and consulate officials went to US Deputy Secretary of the Treasury Wally Adeyemo with the information they had obtained in the increased meeting traffic. Adeyemo claimed that "Russia is trying to circumvent Western sanctions through Turkey".

Why do you care about trade with our neighbors?

Turkey underlined that it has deep economic and political relations with Ukraine and Russia, both parties to the war. Deputy Minister Elitaş made it clear to the US that Turkey will continue to trade with these two countries and conveyed to his interlocutor that Turkey's position on the ongoing process and sanctions has not changed. While all Western companies, especially the British and the US, continue to work with Russia, it is noteworthy that Washington is preparing the infrastructure for a financial conspiracy against Turkey under the pretext of "trade with Russia" and mobilizing even its agents working in the embassy for this purpose.

Opposition plays the same tune

Another striking issue is that the opposition is also making parallel statements with the US. Meral Akşener, the leader of the Good Party, recently claimed that money of unknown origin had arrived in Turkey.

This is how the December 17/25 conspiracy was set up

The US Treasury Department's activities in Turkey in recent months, using agents, are similar to the preparations for the December 17/25 conspiracy they carried out together with the terrorist organization FETÖ. On December 20, 2013, then-U.S. Treasury Undersecretary David Cohen visited Istanbul and threatened bank managers over Iran sanctions. Without informing his counterparts in Ankara, Cohen gathered bankers in Istanbul and made veiled threats against Iran.

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