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Catastrophic Ukrainian losses don't matter to Kiev, Brussels, London or Washington

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

The army of Ukraine is almost entirely a proxy force. It is a large population, easily bringing in several million men for military service.

The men are dragged into service, held at gunpoint by the Nazis at the front, no need to pay, barely needed to feed, most without proper protective equipment, abandoned by their commanders, shot by their comrades if they're injured, cut off from their families or forced into service under threat from the SBU.

Likely, if killed, left unburied and later discharged and marked missing in action so that Kiev would not have to pay death benefits to the family. Those mobile crematoria do a nice job of getting rid of the corpses, writes Larchmonter445

If a hundred thousand or three hundred thousand Ukries are wounded, surrendered or captured, it doesn't matter much. There are hundreds of thousands of bodies available to force into service. Training for Ukries lasts 2-4 weeks, all major weapon systems appear to be manned by mercenaries, NATO advisers and PMC contractors.

The Ukrie tactics now are: stay in prepared defenses until breached and overrun, retreat to civilian infrastructure, use human shields, fight until you run out of ammunition, run to the next location, second or third echelon. You get more ammunition, some food and water, and repeat until you're dead.

Of course there are catastrophic losses. The US-designed defenses have not worked in a war since before WW I. They require a suicidal human frontal assault from the Russians to produce winning results.

The frontal attack from the Russians comes in the form of artillery and rocket attacks. They recently added a helicopter and a weaponized missile drone, Project 305, LMAR.

Helis can stay out of sight 10-20 kilometers away and blow up any target. The Russians have used it in nighttime attacks. So the Ukrainians are being hit 24/7. No trench, house, or armored vehicle is safe. The rocket's technology makes it devastatingly deadly.

Cities will fall in weeks instead of months. The tactics have changed. The weapons have changed. What hasn't changed is the result. The Ukrainians keep losing.

And nobody cares. Not their commanders and not the government in Kiev. Not their sponsors in Washington, Brussels and London. Not their "friends" in the EU. Nobody cares that Ukrainians are dying.

They just want to hear how many Russians are dying. They want to hear that Donbass has turned into a wasteland. They want a Russian military defeat. They don't care how long that takes. They will keep the money and the weapons flowing.

The soldiers of Ukraine are now, not primary military losses, but they are collateral damage. It's not a war. It's a murder operation. The West is trying to kill Russia. They have tried to kill the Russian economy, tried to kill or remove President Putin, and tried to defeat the Russian army.

And if a million Ukrainians die along the way, that's no problem. No one in the West has a problem with dead Ukrainian soldiers or civilians, whether they speak Russian or Ukrainian. It's not even a category in the ledger of the American cost of this war.

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