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Canada proposes disabled people commit suicide

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

-The government of liberal Canada is facing renewed criticism for its program of assisted suicide, or euthanasia, which breaks records for the number of deaths each year.

Canada's assisted suicide program has been highly successful and has been labeled a foster child of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau since its launch in 2016. After a slow start with only 1,000 deaths in the first year, the annual death toll has increased tenfold to 10,000 people in 2021 alone. Meanwhile, Canadian big business has picked up on the trend, trying to market suicide as part of lifestyle and popular culture in the liberal country often to show how "woke" the business is.

Fashion giant La Maison Simons recently gained attention with a commercial called All is Beauty, which praised suicide for young people as a "beautiful" way to die when you are not well. The film is part of the prelude to Prime Minister Trudeau's legislative changes in 2023, when it will be legal even for the mentally ill to commit suicide. This is the latest liberalization of the law, which was expanded in 2021 to include people with "physical disabilities."

However, Trudeau's continued liberalization of the euthanasia program has drawn attention and criticism, not only abroad but also in liberal Canada, where some say it goes too far. The country's television giant, CBC, reports that euthanasia has been offered in at least five cases to Canadian war veterans, which was seen as particularly outrageous. This week, Christine Gauthier, a war veteran and until recently a Paralympic weightlifter, testified in Parliament about how authorities offered to help her commit suicide when she was unhappy with delays in installing a wheelchair access in her home.

"I thought can offer me a shot to die, but you can't give me the tools I need to live," she said.

Justin Trudeau, who usually dismisses criticism of himself as right-wing extremism and conspiracy theories, was forced to explain himself this time and now promises to try to change the law so that war veterans will not be offered assisted suicide in the future, he writes the Daily Mail. However, he is sticking to the bill on euthanasia for the mentally ill, which is expected to take effect next March.

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