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Brazil’s indigenous people side by side with Bolsonaro supporters

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Fears of sellout of the country by Lula.

The politically left-dominated media mainstream has repeatedly claimed that Brazil's indigenous population is hostile to President Bolsonaro. That claim is false, as is now becoming clear. Indigenous people are demonstrating side by side with Bolsonaro supporters against electoral fraud.

Protests against electoral fraud in Brazil are bringing more and more people onto the streets every day. Now members of Brazil's indigenous peoples have also joined the protest.

The politically left-dominated media mainstream had repeatedly claimed that indigenous peoples were hostile to President Bolsonaro. As it now turns out, such claims are completely made up out of thin air.

Brazilian indigenous people and Bolsonaro's supporters are standing side by side, demonstrating against the electoral fraud that counted and proclaimed the globalist candidate, socialist Lula da Silva, who has a criminal record for corruption, the supposed winner of the election.

It is not only voter fraud and the undermining of democracy that drives indigenous people. They fear, according to one report, the selling off of the country's resources and nature as a quid pro quo to be made by Lula and his administration to the globalists and as thanks for being counted the winner of the election.

However, the lid is far from being put on this story. Leading politicians and the military bodies responsible for conducting and verifying the election plan to publish their observations regarding the election today, Wednesday, and to open numerous ballot boxes.

Spot checks had revealed in advance that ballot boxes from some polling stations allegedly did not contain a single vote for Bolsonaro. Given the close outcome of the election, such incidents are indicators of extensive electoral fraud.

As a precaution, the military has been put on alert and is expected to have an increased presence on Brazil's streets in the coming days.

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