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Army exempts fat trannies from physical fitness standards

Updated: Mar 14

-In celebration of LGBT pride, which in the United States has captured the entire month of June, "Rachel Jones," the military's latest cross-dressing male pretending to be a "female," released a video clip (below) on Twitter for Independence Day that promotes mental illness and obesity in the military.

Jones, a mentally deranged male who thinks he is a "transgender female," spoke briefly about his "journey from battling depression & suicidal thoughts to embracing authenticity," which the Department of Defense (DOD), in a separate tweet, claims "inspires us all."

"What pride means to me is celebrating that diversity as our strength as a nation and as an Army," Jones said in the clip – watch below.

"Pride means something very special to me as an LGBTQ individual, and it's a chance to show everyone what we have to offer in terms of the diverse skill sets that we bring, and the diverse ways of thinking that we bring into the team to make everything work better."

How to make the US military the laughing stock of the world

Why are LGBTs given special physical fitness exemptions in the U.S. military?

Just looking at Jones in the above video reveals a substantial decline in the physical fitness standards of the U.S. military. It used to be that service members had to undergo boot camp and other regimens to get them in shape, but apparently that is no longer.

Jordan Schachtel, publisher of The Dossier, tweeted about the video from Jones to point out this very thing. He wrote that under existing law, "service members who identify as transgender can seek an indefinite fitness standards exemption" because of a special LGBT classification.

"That's how this guy managed to avoid PT," Schachtel writes about Jones. "There's an easy fix to clear these ppl out ... Fitness standards for ALL service members. No exemptions."

Because Jones identifies as "trans," he will never have to worry about weight and other standards imposed on his non-LGBT counterparts. Here is what the "Approved Exemptions" section of the rules for the U.S. military states:

"Unit Fitness Program Managers (UFPM) will document the exemption in myFitness using the commander's composite exemption. Initial FA exemptions will be for a period of six (6) months. To receive a new exemption, the Service member will provide the previously approved FA exemption memo and updated medical documentation showing proof of continued cross-sex hormone treatment to their current unit commander, who may approve or deny any additional 6-month period exemptions."

It turns out that LGBTs are not the only fat service members receiving special treatment. Thanks to "diversity," there are now hordes of unqualified women, blacks, Hispanics, and now transvestites that consider it "white supremacy" to have to keep their bodies in shape for military service.

The official story is that nobody knows why American military service members are getting fatter and fatter all across the board. The Military Times tried to blame it on "millennials" and "their penchant for sedentary activities like playing video games and killing time on social media," as if the toxic food supply, crippling debt, low wages, and other nightmarish things passed down to them bear no responsibility.

"This much is clear, though: Today's military is fatter than ever," the report does admit.

The LGBT infestation is destroying America.

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