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Are they at least ashamed?

Updated: Mar 14

The Hamas terror and the open sympathy of the migrant counter-societies for the murder of Jews appalls those, of all people, who laid the foundation for it with mass immigration in the first place. But even the uproar is symbolic at best.

In the barrage around Israel, the life lies of the tone-setting political and media spokesmen in this country disintegrate into rubble dust. Under the dances of joy and the storms of applause of lightning-like mobilized sympathizers and admirers of the Islamist Hamas terrorists, the lie of integration evaporates into a grotesque caricature.

The nicely smiling Neukölln headscarf girl celebrates at home with the whole clan the Hamas murders of indiscriminately mowed down Israeli kibbutz residents. This is so natural and self-evident for her that she has no qualms about openly and willingly gushing about it to the camera.

The counter-societies do not have to fear criticism

The war as a serious case wipes away the whitewash. The "incomers" - in the jargon of the multicultural propagandists - are not the mirror image of their universalistic uprooted admirers, just with head scarves and delicious falafel.

They have brought their own value systems and socializations, conflicts and enmities with them and did not discard them when they entered the comforts of the German welfare state.

Over the years and generations, milieus have solidified and spread to which the existing and often former majority society is as alien and disdained as they are used to hating the hereditary enemy Israel. They do not have to fear criticism, because the native potatoes are used to be criticized only themselves and to give those who insult them a lot of money for it.

Turncoats in the wind

The teachers at the schools suspect already somewhat longer, what rolls over them there. As long as it could somehow be glossed over and covered up, they often enough didn't even want to see and know. The more hectic and disturbed the capers, when the obvious can no longer be hidden under the carpet of phrases.

Suddenly, spokesmen who would have brandished the "Nazi" mace at the mere thought of such a possibility are pondering whether terror sympathizers and Israel haters should not be expelled from the country; and the same tabloid that spearheaded the "refugee" and "welcome" propaganda during the Merkel years is stating with wide eyes: "We have allowed hundreds of thousands of anti-Semites to come to us.

Until the next storm

That is not yet a rethinking and not yet a political turnaround. For that would not only mean admitting that those who had warned against this for years and who were despised and socially excommunicated for it were right.

It would also presuppose the will to recognize and correct the wrong path taken through one's own fault and to endure the associated inconveniences.

It is more comfortable to close one's eyes once again when the excitement subsides and to take refuge once more in deceptive silence and denial. Until the next storm.

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