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Ammunition shortage among NATO countries increasingly dramatic

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Even the mainstream admits deficits.

The shortage of ammunition in NATO countries is becoming more and more dramatic. The reason for this is the massive waste of ammunition on the part of the Zelensky troops. They are wasting more ammunition per day than all NATO countries can produce per day. Even the mainstream is noticing this now.

Every day Zelensky demands the delivery of heavy weapons, tanks, fighter planes, long-range missiles, submarines and lots of ammunition. However, things are not going as he has neatly worked out in his command bunker.

Tanks are only available in part and then only late (see separate report), aircraft, missiles and submarines not at all, and ammunition is also in short supply. However, this is a problem for which Zelensky's soldiers are primarily responsible.

According to media reports, they use up their ammunition as if there were no next day. Zelensky's units use more ammunition per day than all NATO partner countries together produce in one day - and that is 30(!) of them.

Even if one takes into account that the new Eastern European member states or the smaller member states are still lagging somewhat behind in ammunition production, with Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Canada and the USA, NATO includes countries that can demonstrate a thoroughly functional and efficient infrastructure in this sector.

However, even the combined strength of the production cities of all 30 countries cannot compensate for the extreme consumption of the units of a single country - Ukraine. There Zelenskiy can demand and urge and bluster as much as he wants; where there is nothing, nothing can be delivered.

We had pointed out this enormous consumption and related problems in a post the day before yesterday; pretty much as the first media. The mainstream has so far kept quiet about this fact, but now seems to have thought better of it - even if CNN is not really the most serious of all media worldwide.

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