A country wages war against itself

That's the question on citizens' minds: Is this government just incompetent - or malicious? Is the opposition indifferent - or like the government? The level of self-destruction justifies the statement: A country is at war against itself.

An industrialized country is groaning under an energy shortage - and the government declares that there is no electricity shortage, wants to shut down the last nuclear power plants and demolish the most modern coal-fired power plants like Moorburg in Hamburg. Excuse me?

An energy-saving program is designed to turn off lights - yet only saves electricity for 40,000 households. Another three nuclear power plants that could be restarted, on the other hand, would supply electricity for 10 million households, as much as Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Cologne and their suburbs need together.

How does it fit that refugee shelters are again overcrowded, but Interior Minister Nancy Faeser, who is responsible for border security, absolutely wants to further increase social benefits for migrants to the level of “Bürgergeld” (A concept for basic financial security of citizens) and does not allow necessary border controls to be carried out?

The country's housing construction - 400,000 new apartments were to be built each year - has practically collapsed, but immigration is being pushed despite the housing shortage; after Ukrainian refugees, it is now Russian deserters who are warmly welcomed.

Those who receive “Bürgergeld” are reimbursed for the drastic increase in heating costs; those who earn their salaries through their own work pay the increased energy prices plus the state levies, which smoothly double the price. The money has to come from somewhere before it is squandered by the sticky hands of the redistribution state.

Businesses are closing because of high electricity prices. The middle class, for so many years a highly praised pillar of the country, is dying - or as the Minister of Economics says: They don't go out of business, they just don't reopen. The list of contradictions can be extended.

A defense minister who lets her son fly to the vacation island of Sylt with the Bundeswehr's Air Force, while the Bundeswehr has hardly any operational weapon systems - the country seems to have degenerated into a self-service store for the ruling class.

A stuttering foreign minister utters threats that make one tense in fear as she speaks, because the next slip of the tongue could be an unintentional declaration of war.

A finance minister who speaks threateningly of saving and always creates new "special assets" that are not assets, but only debts.

A currency that falls within its sphere of responsibility, which loses value every day on the financial markets and produces an inflation for it that is reminiscent of the beginning of the hyperinflation of 1923: Even a tsunami is barely visible as a wave before it crashes against the shore and destroys everything in its path. But we are looking at this beautifully undulating sea ...

One could extend the list of failures. One should not forget the so-called opposition. The AfD's (ultra-right-wing party) demand to keep the power plants running is defeated with votes from the CDU. The following day, the CDU introduces a proposal with the same content, which is then voted down by the government majority. This is probably called "eradicating logic.

One could go on and on with the list of failures - but it becomes boring

You could talk about the Secretary of Health, destroying millions of vaccine doses while the nation's hospitals face imminent bankruptcy.

Everyone knows it, feels it. There is protest against it. It would be treated as if it were a crime. The federal government and its numerous police authorities spread conspiracy theories - concerning their citizens. Protest is to be criminalized, while it is the essence of democracy.

The Federal Constitutional Court sees the Basic Law threatened if it is invoked by citizens. The Federal Minister of Justice, formerly the guardian of the Constitution, wants to protect the Basic Law from being claimed by citizens like a mattress protector protects a mattress.

The pro-state media defend the rulers; public broadcasting sees darkness on the streets not as a danger but as an opportunity.... for insects. That will certainly comfort many women about the level they are on.

The feeling is that the rulers are fighting their citizens

The Minister of Agriculture restricts agricultural production despite warnings of shortages.

A transsexual law is drafted and constantly tightened, according to which already seven-year-olds can change their sex and undergo hormone therapy, which is highly problematic from a health point of view, at their own discretion; objection of parents and doctors is futile, is suspected as "phobia".

In Hanover, municipal employees have to prove their "migration history" just as they used to prove their Aryan ancestry in Nazi Germany; natives are to be deliberately kept out of the public service in order to achieve the quota of 30 percent immigrants. Stupidity by quota triumphs over qualification in virtually all public sectors such as administration, politics and higher education. A country is pulling the plug on itself.

Somehow it still seems to go on

The railway stations are overcrowded, although more and more with desperate rail passengers whose connection has been canceled without replacement.

The roads are congested, but because of huge bicycle lanes, on which hardly anyone rides in the autumnal early morning fog and rain.

The automotive industry should please manufacture in China.

The government keeps promising new compensations, forgetting that it is not the state that maintains the citizen, but the citizen and the economy that maintain the state and its officials.

Reality is turned upside down

The largest opposition party (AfD) applauds this, demands more and gives itself the quota.

And yet it comes too late, because since there are supposed to be many genders, there will soon have to be many more quotas. Presumably, an app is being tinkered with so that the many different quotas, double quotas, even more quotas and quarter quotas can be properly offset against each other.

Racism, which is being fought so resolutely, is returning since skin color and origin are becoming the decisive factor for life chances. Quarter migrants will have it worse than female double migrants with a new sex; old residents with sexual continuity will be segregated.

It's a government, it's the rulers, who by their actions answer the question: stupidity or malice? But the rulers are supported by many citizens.

Despite energy shortages, children demonstrate for even more energy shortages; others threaten dairies and milk trucks. The parties of the "traffic light" coalition (SPD, FDP Greens) have become radicalized: Drunk with victory from taking over the government, they are waging a culture war against the population and carrying out their transformation of the economy and society. The immediate consequences can be seen in the electricity bill, and soon in more and more empty shelves in the supermarket.

But no, the rulers are not alone. An entire country is at war with itself.


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