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Florida Pastor calls Trump impeachment a ‘Jew Coup’ [video]

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

Florida Pastor and founder of the TruNews YouTube channel Rick Wiles called efforts to impeach President Donald Trump part of a “Jew coup.”

In a Nov. 21 video, Wiles said, “That’s the way the Jews work. They are deceivers. They plot. They lie. They do whatever they’ve have to do to accomplish their political agenda. This impeach Trump movement is part of a Jew coup, and the American people better wake up to it fast.”

Wiles went on to say that the country will devolve into a civil war if Trump is impeached, which could happen at around the time of Christmas.

“We have until Christmas to take a stand because of this Jew coup in the United States,” Wiles said. “We have weeks to stop it. That’s why I’m speaking out. That’s why I’m putting everything on the line saying this is a coup led by Jews to overthrow the constitutionally elected president of the United States.”

He proceeded to claim that there will be “a purge. That’s the next thing that happens when Jews take over a country – they kill millions of Christians.”

Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt tweeted on Nov. 27, “#AntiSemitic platform TruNews is now perpetuating an #AntiSemitic conspiracy claiming Jews are “orchestrating” impeachment. There should be no place for this kind of hate on any platform. @YouTube should take down this content and their channel ASAP.”

StandWithUs CEO and Co-Founder Roz Rothstein similarly tweeted, “This creepy man is a danger to civil society. His name is Rick Wiles, and he should not be allowed to broadcast hate like this. Wow. Get him OFF every possible platform!”

TruNews tweeted on Nov. 26 that their impeachment video resulted in a YouTube ban.

According to YouTube, the video was in fact removed on Nov. 26. YouTube has a “three-strike policy” in which channels are permanently removed from the site when they receive three strikes in three months.

The Times of Israel (TOI) reports, “TruNews has more than 185,000 subscribers on YouTube and its videos have garnered 17 million views on the site.”

TOI also notes that TruNews has had White House press credentials in the past; Trump took a question from TruNews during a 2018 press conference and TruNews interview Donald Trump Jr. in March during a rally. A Trump Jr. spokesperson told The Washington Post at the time that the interview wasn’t planned.

Additionally, Wiles claimed in September that TruNews gets invited to a lot of White House events, Mediaite reports.

“We don’t go to all of them because we just don’t have the funding and the manpower to go to every single event that the White House invites us,” Wiles said. “We are very appreciative that the White House invites us to these things.”

The ADL’s background on Wiles and TruNews highlights several prior statements from Wiles, including:

  • Saying Jews are part of the “synagogue of Satan.”

  • Alleging that “Israel took out John Kennedy.”

  • Accusing Israelis and Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner of attempting to “completely exterminate the Palestinian people.”

  • Saying that Zionists are attempting to take “over the world in the Last Days and [persecute] the body of Christ and makes war against the saints…. And it’s not Muslims that are going to kill us. It’s the Jews.”

  • Calling Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, “Kabbalah-practicing evil woman whispering evil things in the ear of her father.”

The White House did not respond to the Journal’s request for comment.

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