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YouTube removes video 'Islam's Not For Me' for being ‘hate speech’

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

In 2012 I simultaneously uploaded a video, titled 'Islam's Not For Me', to my YouTube channel and my backup channel on LiveLeak. It showed the negative parts of Islam, like child marriage, Muhammad's sexual behavior, speaking out against Sharia law and human rights, going with a very catchy tune.

I first discovered the song in 2009, but it's been around a bit longer than that. The song angered many Muslims and Leftists who branded the song and anyone who played it, hosted it or even listened to is as bigots, racists and more.

YouTube yanked the song from it's servers, and does so quickly anytime anyone tries to put it back up. I've just been lucky they didn't catch me for all those years.

After YouTube removed the video and punished me with a three months strike, I decided to create a re-release and uploaded the song on BitTubers, a video sharing platform that’s free from censorship.

Islam Is Not For Me

Social Media giants have been infected with the virus of political correctness for some time now.

In recent times, platforms such as Twitter have incorporated social justice dogma into their community guidelines. These measures have led to a great assault on people’s right to freedom of expression.

There have been numerous instances where videos have been either demonetized or deleted from YouTube for violating its policies which attempt to stifle criticism of some regressive Islamic practices and Leftist dogma.

It’s incredible that there are people who constantly label and abuse others as “Bhakts, zombies, IT Cell”, and their videos show up in everyone’s recommendations and have millions of views. There are genuine religious bigots like Zakir Naik with close to a million followers and a verified tick, and YouTube feels the need to target a tiny channel like mine, delete my video and threaten to shut my channel down.

There has been a deliberate attempt at censoring dissent against leftist dogma on social media platforms. Numerous allegations have been made against the social media giant Twitter for stifling political speech that is not consistent with the beliefs of the Left. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey had even admitted the left-leaning bias of its employees.

There have been numerous cases of right-leaning accounts getting suspended on Twitter. Many accounts associated with ABVP, the students’ arm of RSS, were mass suspended, only to be reinstated after protests. Similarly, in 2016 many Twitter accounts were suspended after posting anti-AAP tweets.

Various Classical Liberals in the US have alleged that YouTube has been engaging in a concerted effort to silence dissenting voices. Jordan Peterson, a renowned clinical psychologist who gained almost instant popularity across the world for resisting social justice dogma, has faced similar issues on YouTube as well along with numerous other people.

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