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Noakhali Massacre 1946. More than 5000 Hindus killed, women raped and converted forcefully

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Time and again when India will remember the incident of “Noakhali Massacre”, one cannot move eye away from the bloodshed and genocide that killed an infinite number of Hindus in the massacre.

October 10, 1946, the auspicious day of Lakshmi Pooja, but the Hindus in Bengal did not find this day auspicious as it turned to be a curse to them from the Muslims. Bengal, those days being a Muslim dominated city, the Hindus there had to bare what they had to suffer.

When it comes to main stream media, Hindus are projected as terrorist and Hindu organization projected as Hindu Taliban by India intelligentsia. But if we go through history what we say dark chapter which is even closed from memory of common mind and today most ancient civilization becomes terrorist in own land.

It started well before India’s independence when riots broke out in the Chittagong Division of Bengal in October-November 1946 a year before Indian’s independence from British rule. It affected the areas under the Ramganj, Begumganj, Raipur, Lakshmipur, Chhagalniya and Sandwip police stations in Noakhali district and the areas under Hajiganj, Faridganj, Chandpur, Laksham and Chauddagram police stations in Tipperah district, a total area of more than 2,000 square miles.

The massacre which started on October 10, on the day of Kojagari Lakshmi Puja and continued unabated for about a week. It is estimated that over “5000” Hindus were killed, hundreds of Hindu women were raped and thousands of Hindu men and women were forcibly converted to Islam.

Around 50,000 to 75,000 survivors were sheltered in temporary relief camps in Comilla, Chandpur, Agartala and other places. Apart from that around 50,000 Hindus remained marooned in the affected areas were under the strict surveillance of the Muslim hooligans.

Noakhali genocide also known as Noakhali carnage was a series of massacres, rapes, abductions and forced conversions of Hindus and loot and arson of Hindu properties by the Muslim community in the districts of Noakhali and Tipperah.

“Worst of all was the plight of women. Several of them had to watch their husbands being murdered and then be forcibly converted and married to some of those responsible for their death. Those women had a dead look.

It was not despair, nothing so active as that. It was blackness…….the eating of beef and declaration of allegiance to Islam has been forced upon many thousands of as the price of their lives” – written by Muriel Leister, member of a relief committee sent to Noakhali, on November 6, 1946.

Why isn’t any memorial built to tribute those who lost lives?

The Noakhali Genocide was almost immediately followed by the Partition of India, within less than a year. The province of Bengal was partitioned and the eastern half, including the districts of Noakhali and Tipperah, became Pakistan, the homeland for the Muslims of the sub-continent.

The Bengali Hindus were forced to leave Pakistan through subsequent pogroms and genocides, most notably in 1950 and 1964. The rehabilitation of millions of Bengali Hindu refugees became real challenge before the Government of West Bengal and India. The memoirs of Noakhali became suppressed in the saga of struggle for a new life.

Great leaders of Congress ignored this massacre which shook hundreds of lives

The historians who portray Jawaharlal Nehru as a great leader and characterize his ethics, values he followed as the supreme should die of shame. Instead, he was the one who joined hands with Jinnah to destroy India.

The Mahatma of all and forcefully turned “father of nation”, Gandhiji proved to be the most ignorant during this massacre. It is shocking that “the man of non-violence” followed his so-called policies and ignored hundreds of deaths.

Nehru and Gandhiji both were equally responsible as much as Jinnah to this massacre. Believe or not Gandhiji, Nehru and the other Congress leaders ignored the conspiracies of Jinnah.

Some intellectuals and the secularists may still have stands by Gandhiji and Nehru but your support cannot change the past. Your support cannot get back those thousands of lives. The murders, innocent ones being killed and none were spared during this riot. And how easily this was hid, by the leaders of those times.

Also, a huge amount of property was destroyed by the Muslim league. “We will either have a divided India or a destroyed India” said the very own Jinnah, who though built-up the nation of Pakistan but belonged to the Indian origin himself.

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