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ISIS parting gift | British troops find 50 heads of Yazidi sex slaves murdered by jihadis

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

British troops have stumbled across bins containing 50 heads belonging to Yazidi sex slaves who were decapitated by savage ISIS jihadis, it has emerged.

The shocking discovery was made by SAS soldiers when they gained access to Baghuz, a town in northern Syria near where the last of the jihadis are desperately clinging to their only remaining scrap of territory, according to the Mail on Sunday.

The terrorist group beheaded dozens of women who had been given to ISIS fighters for sexual gratification. Women captured by ISIS were often given to fighters as "rewards", previous reports have revealed.

According to Iraq’ human rights ministry, thousands of women and girls from the minority Yazidi sect were abducted by ISIS after it took control of vast swathes of the country in August 2014.

A source told the newspaper: "In their hour of defeat, the jihadis' cruelty knew no bounds.

“They conducted a cowardly slaughter of these desperately unfortunate women as a final act of depravity and left their severed heads behind for us to find.

“The motivation for such a sickening act is beyond comprehension for any remotely normal human being.”

The source said some of the British soldiers had likened the gruesome discovery to scenes from the film Apocalypse Now, which portrays the horrors of the Vietnam War.

But they said they could find solace in the fact that they are playing a major part in bringing down ISIS, who at its height held territory the size of England.

The reports come almost five years after a spokesman for Iraq’s human rights ministry warned the terrorists had stirred up “vicious plans” for Yazidi females.

Not long after, survivors who had escaped or been rescued relayed stories of slave markets, gang rape and forced conversion to Islam.

Many foreign jihadis have surrendered to Western-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in recent weeks and ISIS’s numbers have been reportedly been reduced to just 200 as the battle enters the eleventh hour.

The final group are holding out in a small patch of land near Baghuz called Hawi al-Dandal.

Hundreds of civilians are reported to have been taken as hostages by the terrorists as part of their final stand.

Yazidis are an ethnic and religious minority based in northern Iraq, Syria and southern Turkey.

While the revere both the Bible and the Koran, they believe divine being, the “Seven Angels”, have the power to reincarnate themselves in human form.

It is not possible to convert to Yazidism - followers have to be born into it.

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