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Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vests) and the media. A story with two sides

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

My video below shows how the Main Stream Media again fail to bring us unbiased reports about the protests of the Yellow Vests in France.

The MSM mercilessly follow their strategy of: „Only bad news is good news“, with showing the immense brutality of the French police, failing to show that the story has two sides.

Local media show a complete different image of the Yellow Vests and their peaceful protests. They show what enormous unnecessary damage was caused by them to private property. No wonder small business owners don't show their support and are complaining about them.

Of course, the majority of the Yellow Vests is peaceful and doesn't want these excesses, but when they want to reach their goals, they need to act organized and take out these elements who are only on the streets to cause damage. Not only damage to private property, but also damage to the cause.

How would you react, seeing your car completely destroyed by a bunch of Yellow Vests? The Yellow Vests released their „official“ MANIFESTO

Meanwhile the protests reached Macron in his Elysée Palace.

During the protests of the 'Gilets Jaunes' last weekend, the French president was apparently prepared for everything.

Countless security forces guarded him in the Élysée Palace and a helicopter was ready to take him to safety in the event demonstrators would storm the palace.

500 members of the Republican National Guard alone, hundreds of armed police, gendarmes and water cannons protected the president last Saturday from his angry citizens, according to Le Dauphine.

The helicopter was on standby, ready to take off to evacuate the French president if demonstrators would have succeeded in storming the Élysée Palace.

Eyewitnesses describe the president as "petrified" in the face of violent protests directed against him, that broke out in Paris, Toulouse, Bordeaux and other cities.

The helicopter scene recalls the flight of the Romanian dictator and President Nicolae Ceauşescu in 1989, when on 22 December an angry crowd stormed his party seat. He had also tried to escape by helicopter but shortly thereafter changed to an armored personnel carrier with his wife to flee the country. On December 25, he and his wife were sentenced to death in a military court summary trial.

Although French President Macron had announced numerous concessions on Monday in a television speech, such as raising the minimum wage by 100 euros, the country is preparing today for the "Act V" and thus another protest weekend. According to polls, a majority of 54% of French people want the yellow vests to continue protesting.

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