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Islam’s Trojan Horse - The blind spot in the West [video]

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

In the world of terrorism we find we are confronting Islam’s Trojan Horse. Sent by Islamic extremists, this dubious “gift,” having already infiltrated the West, is being completely ignored. But we ignore it at our peril

Actually, “ignored” is a poor choice of words. The fact is, Westerners do not even realize there is enormous Trojan Horse already standing in the West’s collective room. Everyone, unless they have been sleeping like Rip Van Winkle over the past two decades, is well aware of the now-countless terror attacks that have occurred throughout the world since 9/11/01.

What they do not see however, is the subliminal part of the extremist strategy that utilizes tactics subtly promoted by the so-called “peaceful Muslims” we hear about all the time.

While suicide bombings, beheadings, night club explosions, rapes and various other big-splash forms of terror capture media headlines and throw talking-head experts into their same, tired, pre-scripted explanations and assurances, it is the quiet Muslim majority that is making the biggest advances.

The two sides of Islam work in tandem, rather like a “good cop, bad cop” scenario where the “good Muslims” come out of the woodwork after their cockroach allies, the “bad Muslims,” have returned to the shadows following some new, horrendous attack on civilians. The “good guys” spend the next several days explaining how only a small percentage of Muslims are extremists while continuing to defend their faith as the “religion of peace.”

All Westerners really need to do is make an honest study of Islamic history from its inception - including the Quran and the Hadith - to modern times. Islam remains a largely unaltered medieval belief system based upon hate, paranoia, victimization, justification and intolerance, just to mention a few of its most common attributes.

The way those radical inhabitants hiding inside the Islamic Trojan Horse work behind the scenes while incurring virtually no resistance in modern Europe is by encouraging waves of Muslim migrants to continue their infiltration into the populace and the the cultures of many Western countries while making no effort to assimilate into those cultures.

Western nations open their arms and their treasuries to welcome refugees under the guise of compassion.

Before they know it, Muslims have gained control, instituted Sharia Law and taken over jurisdiction after jurisdiction in Europe’s countries without so much as a whimper from the original inhabitants, whose fears and complaints are promptly dismissed by their increasingly unresponsive government elites.

The difficulty in opposing the Trojan Horse approach of fanatical Muslim terrorist organizations lies in the fact that Westerners are, as a rule, incapable of accepting that “peaceful Muslims” have the same agenda as their more violent counterparts. What Westerners fail to see is that since the “silent majority Muslims” pretend to be tolerant, they are succeeding in fooling the West into believing they are something they are not.

In their own way, non-violent Islamic infiltrators are more dangerous than the bloodthirsty bands of bomb-throwing extremists. That’s because they understand that when it comes to violence, there is no way possible to succeed at present, if and when the shooting starts.

It’s much easier instead to use sheer numbers to gain population majorities in various towns, cities and countries. At that point, Muslim extremists will be able to emerge from their Trojan Horse, jump in the governmental driver’s seat, and simply take control.

One writer accurately terms this tactic “conquest by immigration.”

If you don’t believe this, consider the image featuring a peaceful Muslim praying in the mosque, which states: “In every country where Muslims are a minority, they are obsessed with (their) minority rights. In every country where Muslims are a majority, there are no minority rights.”

Sadly, there are two primary schools of thought in the West that are dooming their countries to defeat and subjugation to Islamic extremism.

The first is the well-known liberal politically correct crowd and its political advocates like Germany’s Angela Merkel. Largely removed from day-to-day contact with Muslim extremists already wrecking their countries - unlike the average European citizen who encounters these extremists daily - these left-leaning elites refuse to accept the problem exists at all.

But perhaps even worse are those indigenous citizens who understand full well there is something to be concerned about. Yet they do nothing to oppose this creeping religious fascism because they are too busy getting on with their own lives to spend the time necessary to successfully confront the real war taking place, even in their own neighborhoods.

It is hard to know which is worse, ignorance or apathy. Either way, unless the West wakes up and wakes up soon, we lose. That loss will not be the result of terrorist bombs, but rather the stealth armies of Muslim humanity that constantly tell us they are the “good” guys even as they pave the way for the “bad” guys waiting to emerge from that innocuous Trojan Horse.

Does no one realize that Muslims view Western tolerance as weakness?

By yielding to the demands of Islamic communities, as is already happening in European countries like Sweden and Germany, we are, in a sense, telling Muslims they and their repressive way of life are superior to our own hard-won civilization.

The thing Westerners claim to cherish most is their independence and freedom. What happens one day when we wake up to discover we have ceded those ideals - ideals that so many have fought and died for - to an enemy that, through both violence and stealth, overwhelmed us with lies?

Transpose yourself into a time in the future when the news comes on and the anchor asks, “How did this happen? What went wrong? Why have we lost our identity?”

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