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Yes, you are right | It's time for Europeans to return to South Africa, where they came from

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

All too often white people are confronted with the challenging statement: “If you don’t like the way we are doing things in the New South Africa, go back to where you came from.”

Even Jacob Zuma chants this tedious little rhyme – in fact, towards the end of 2015 he was so obnoxious as to repeat his accusation that Jan van Riebeeck’s arrival in Southern Africa caused all the trouble, and he said that right in the capital city of the Netherlands!

Now this is of course a liberal concoction of lies that has been repeated so often that almost all black people and way too many white people firmly believe that Europeans arrived in Africa and stole everything, enslaving and impoverishing the black population on the way.

In fact, the majority of black South Africans believe that the “Settlers” arrived here to find national roads, houses, mines, farms, cities and industry with Samsung cellphones and BMW’s all over the place!

The brutal truth is that there was nothing above on story high, not a yard of textile or even a wheel in sight. And what sub-Saharan African contributed to the world since the arrival of the white man, can be counted off one after the other – the first heart transplant, the Kreepy Krauly, “dolosse” as breakwater, superglue…all of them inventions and achievements of white people.

This brings to mind the other favorite accusation: “White people are still privileged after 21 years of black majority rule.” Of course they are, they bloody well work for their privileges!

But let us get back to the initial statement: “If you don’t like it here, go back to where you came from.”

Now, if we do what the black South African is apparently incapable of and take note of facts instead of folklore, we have no choice but to agree with this statement. How, you might ask, can anybody in his or her right mind say that? Easy, actually.

Prof. David Reich of Harvard University recently published a properly researched paper into the genealogy of races and peoples and he came to a conclusion which is generally accepted by historians and anthropologists all over the world.

According to this study there was a huge migration of people from Africa about 60 000- 65000 years ago. On their way north, these people met and mixed with the Neanderthal people around the Mediterranean.

This Neanderthal gene enabled Prof. Reich to determine the genealogical links between groups of people.

He discovered the gene in the DNA of the western European people of Spain, Sardinia, Corsica, Italy, French Provence and Portugal. The same gene he discovered in the Khoisan descendants, BUT NOT in the black Southern African. Which means that the distant ancestor of both the Khoisan and the European was here thousands of years before any black person migrated south.

Prof. Reich further argues that a second migration from Europe southwards, carrying the Neanderthal-gene, took place around 3000 years ago and a final injection of European genes into the Khoisan happened roundabout 900-1800 years ago – hundreds of years before the first recorded contact between Europeans and black Africans.

The conclusion is easy: Europeans came from right here. The Khoisan is the evidence of that.

So, black South African, you are quite right: Let Europeans return to where they originated from – which is right here at the southern tip of Africa!

Open our doors – let as many Europeans from Germany and Holland and Belgium and Switzerland and Spain and France and Portugal and Italy and elsewhere return to where they originated from – the southern tip of Africa!

Let them come with European and Western values of honesty and dedication and hard work and let them help us to sort out the mess created by the true settler, the real immigrant, the actual foreigner to African shores – you, the black Southern African.

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