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Refugees in Italy demand air conditioning. “Too many mosquitoes. Enough is enough!“ [VIDEO]

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

A new bizarre protest organised by 'refugees' in Bresso, Italy. This time they demanded air conditioning for their tents. They are temporary accommodated at a luxury camping site.


The refugees, lodged, fed and provided with clothing and shoes, all at taxpayers' expense, left their lodgings and went straight to the Red Cross Reception Center at the Via Clerici in Bresso, threatening the workers

They were complaining about the low quality of life, too many mosquitoes in the tents, water being too hot and demanded air conditioning for each tent.

Click on 'settings' 1080p to watch in HD

Nearly a hundred self-styled refugees took part in the demonstration, but were immediately blocked by carabinieri and police, before they could invade the adjacent streets.

Refugees threatened to extend the protest if their 'human rights' were not met immediately.

Yes, air conditioning is a 'human right', again at the expense of the Italians, of whom many cannot afford it.

Meanwhile all tents are provided with air conditioning, like they have in their huts in Africa, but if mosquitoes stopped harassing is unknown.

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